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Abstract of Title

Do you want to know who the owner of a vessel is but aren’t sure how to look it up? Are you wary of trusting the boat information you’ve come across online? Here at the National Documentation Portal, we can provide you with better access to the information you need from a source you can trust: the USCG itself. That’s what you’ll get when you use our site to obtain an Abstract of Title

Researching vessel history can be a daunting task, filled with potential pitfalls. In the quest for clarity, consider obtaining an Abstract. This invaluable document unveils the untold story of a boat’s past, encompassing details about its history, vessel documentation, and beyond.

What the Abstract of the Title Contains 

The Abstract contains information about a vessel’s owner. It also includes the vessel’s chain of ownership, during the time that it was documented. 

Delving deeper, the Abstract doesn’t merely stop at surface-level details. It incorporates ownership transfers, should they have occurred. You’ll find the truth about liens—discover whether they existed, were settled, or persist. The same scrutiny applies to Preferred Ship Mortgages, offering a holistic view of a vessel’s financial history.

Why an Abstract May Be Necessary 

If you’re a prospective ship buyer, you don’t want to have to rely solely on verbal assurances from the seller. Imagine engaging in discussions—be it over the phone or online—where the seller claims, “Yes, there were liens, but they’re all settled. This boat is practically brand new, a 2018 masterpiece, and I’ve been the sole owner.” 

With an Abstract, you could potentially unearth a different narrative—revealing that the vessel was constructed in 2016, changed hands multiple times, and harbored unpaid liens. This illuminates the “worst-case” scenario, yes, but it underscores the importance of fact-checking.

The Abstract serves as a powerful truth-revealing instrument, assuring as to whether the seller’s statements align with reality or diverge. The transparency it offers is paramount, ensuring informed decisions when contemplating the purchase of a vessel.

How to Apply for This Abstract

Simply navigate to our website, and upon selecting the “Abstract of Title” option, you’ll be prompted to input specific information. Do not worry if you lack certain details; the form compensates by providing the omitted information upon receipt. 

Abstract of Title

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We pride ourselves on being your go-to resource, offering a one-stop solution for all your maritime documentation requirements. Trust us to navigate the intricate waters of vessel ownership with precision and reliability, ensuring your journey is anchored in truth and transparency.

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