USCG Registration, Boat Safety, and You

USCG Registration

Has the weather gotten so nice in your area that you feel like you just have to take your vessel out on the water? More and more places all over America are feeling that spring has finally sprung and summer is soon to follow. If your vessel has spent all winter in storage, now may just be the time to get back out on the water. But, as ever, safety is paramount. Yes, our site specializes in USCG registration, but we want all vessel owners to be as safe as possible whenever they’re on the water (as well as before and after). There are some basic things to keep in mind as you return to the helm. 


Check Everything Ahead of Time (Especially if it’s Been a While) 


When the weather’s very warm in spring, you might feel compelled to rush your vessel out of storage and get it out on the water. While that’s perfectly, absolutely understandable, you want to make sure that you check it out thoroughly ahead of time. That means examining the lines, the engine, the gas tanks, any potential enclosed areas, the lights, the horn, and so much more. Of particular note: personal floatation devices. You want there to be at least one for everyone on board, that they’re readily accessible (if not worn all the time), and can fit comfortably over however many layers a person wears. 


Dress for the Water, Not the Air (and the Latter can Change Fast) 


Even on the warmest spring days, some bodies of water may still be very cold. So, you (and anyone else who comes on your vessel) should possibly consider coming dressed in (if not just carrying) layers. That way, they’ll have warmer clothes should the air pick up, they go into the water, and so forth. Speaking of temperature changes, in spring, the weather really can turn on a dime. Check the weather report before you head out. Leaving a float plan with someone on land can let them know if something has gone awry. 


Have Multiple Ways to Contact Land 


Having your phone on your boat is fine, (especially if it’s in a protected area where it can’t get wet, you have your charger with you, and so forth). But, there may be parts of a body of water where you can’t get phone reception. To that end, having radios on the vessel that allow you to contact the authorities/land can be vital. 


USCG Registration


USCG Registration to Keep you On the water Legally in Any Season 


Boating safely is enjoyable boating, allowing everyone to enjoy themselves without worry. Speaking of worry, you don’t want to have to worry that you aren’t in compliance with the Coast Guard’s regulations for a documented vessel. If you haven’t taken care of your documentation yet, there’s still time to do so before summer really arrives. At our site, you can find all of the documentation you might need, as well as an easier way to get it done. If you have any questions, call (866) 981-8783.