MARAD Waiver Info for Owners of Small Foreign Vessels

MARAD Waiver

Do you have a foreign-built vessel that you are a bit unclear about what you can and can’t do with it? Is there a non-documented vessel in your possession that you want to use in coastwise trade yet want to make sure you’re 100% in compliance with the authorities? There is a form at our site that addresses this. It’s called the “MARAD Waiver.” This form can allow you, the vessel owner, to utilize this vessel in certain activities. 

Basic Minimum Requirements for the MARAD Waiver 

Firstly, while the vessel can be foreign-built, it has to be owned by someone who is a citizen of the United States. There’s no leeway there, that’s a necessity. Additionally, the vessel has to be at least three years old. You’re going to want to make sure of both of these before you apply for this waiver. Should you qualify, keep in mind: many vessel owners apply for a coastwise trade endorsement as a passenger vessel once they’ve sent in the MARAD waiver. That is, of course, so long as the vessel is five net tons in volume. 

How You Can Utilize the MARAD Waiver 

You can carry up to twelve passengers. That’s it. You can’t carry any more than that. You can also use the vessel for sport fishing. That means you can use the vessel to fish for fun and recreation. You cannot sell any of the fish caught commercially. There are plenty of restrictions on how you can use your vessel under this waiver. Additionally, you can’t use it for salvage, dredging, towing, or carrying cargo. You can use it to carry up to twelve passengers. As long as you stick to that, you are in compliance. 

US Coast Documentation Info to Keep in Mind 

The MARAD waiver allows you to use your vessel to carry up to twelve passengers. But, (and this is crucial) it doesn’t exempt you from anything, such as inspection requirements, vessel documentation, and more. Also, depending on the geographic area that you’re in, you may have to demonstrate that your vessel would not have an “undue adverse effect” on U.S. commerce in your particular area. Lastly, as you probably know, the authorities are always careful about making sure there’s no fraud during the application process. However, with the MARAD waiver, they can be even more cautious, up to revoking waivers. Doing everything legal and by the book is always the way to go. 

More than the MARAD Waiver 

The MARAD waiver can be an excellent way to begin using a vessel as you desire. Then, once you’ve filed that, you can file for the initial documentation, too. In fact, you’ll be able to find all of the forms you need to use your vessel for many years to come at our site. For example, you can renew your documentation here, file for a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage, and so much more. To see what we offer, head to our site or call (866) 981-8783.