Get and Maintain a Certificate of Registration for Your Documented Vessel

documented vessel

Have you been trying to get a Certificate of Registration, but aren’t sure of the best way to go about it? Do you have a documented vessel and want to ensure it stays that way? We designed our Vessel Documentation Online site to provide exactly that. While our site has many different forms available, perhaps the most popular use of our site is to document a vessel and to renew that documentation. There are many reasons that vessel owners use our site for that exact purpose. 

Document a Vessel in Minutes (Really) 

When you first sit down to document your vessel, it can seem overwhelming. After all, even if you’ve owned a boat for some time, this might not be something you’re all that used to. Those are just some of the reasons that we made it as easy as possible to document your vessel at our site. If you click on “Initial Vessel Documentation,” then just follow the marked blanks (which let you know what is and isn’t required) you can actually complete these in just a few minutes. If you have the information in front of you that you need and you have a bit of time to spare, you can send in your initial documentation. 

A Documented Vessel for Years to Come 

As you probably know, you have to renew your documentation every single year. That is, of course, unless you go through our Vessel Documentation Online site. We make it possible to renew this for several years to come. So, instead of worrying about renewing next year, with just a few button presses, you can renew your documentation for up to five years in the future. You won’t have that nagging feeling of “is my registration about to expire” in the back of your head for a long time. 

Always Maintaining a Certificate of Registration 

To have a valid registration, you need to have a Certificate of Registration. As in, you need a physical copy of it on your vessel. A photocopy, picture, attachment, or anything else of it is not good enough. If you lose or misplace yours (or even if it’s mutilated) then not only is it invalid, your registration is invalid. That’s why we offer replacement certificates. As with anything else, you can go through our site and get the forms you need to be in compliance. 

More than Just Registration 

Getting your vessel documented and keeping it that way is perhaps the most common use of our site, yes. However, it’s far from all that we offer. In fact, you can find just about every different form that you’ll need throughout the course of owning your vessel. That means you’ll be able to get the forms for when you have to change your address, take on a new owner, find out more about your next vessel, and so much more. To see everything that we have, head to our site or call us at (866) 981-8783.