How Do I Get an Abstract of Title and Why Would I Need One?

Abstract of Title

Are you in the process of researching a vessel and aren’t sure what’s the right one to purchase? Does it seem like you found the absolute perfect vessel yet just want to be 100% sure before you sign? Have you been wondering “just how do I get an abstract of title?” These questions make all the sense in the world. When it comes to buying a vessel, you can’t be too careful. That’s one of the many reasons that the Abstract of Title is one of our most popular forms of Coast Guard documentation. With this form, you can learn what you need to know right when you need to know it. 

How Do I Get an Abstract of Title and What’s In It? 

The Abstract of Title is, more or less, a form that tells you the complete history of a vessel. You’ll know how many owners there were as well as who they were. You’ll be able to see what or even if work was done on the vessel. Speaking of “work done on the vessel,” you’ll know who manufactured it as well as when. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll know if there are any mortgages and liens on the vessel, as well as whether or not they were satisfied. Most importantly, all of this information is backed by the Coast Guard, so you’ll know you’re getting the truth. Of course, the best place to find an Abstract of Title is at our site. 

Why This is So Crucial 

So that you make the right decision for your needs. Buying a vessel is expensive enough; the last thing you need is to take on a mortgage or lien on a vessel that you were unaware of. Besides, with this, you can know if there’s any work that you’ll have to do on the vessel once it’s yours. Plenty of folks use the Abstract of Title to determine whether or not the seller they’re dealing with is telling the truth. Someone that tells you how a great vessel is, how it’s new, and with the original owner, only to be contradicted by the Abstract of Title is someone that you aren’t going to want to buy that vessel or any other vessel from. 

Should the Vessel You’re Interested in Be Overseas 

We know that many of our vessel owners are interested in knowing all there is to know about a vessel before buying it yet the vessel they’re interested in isn’t in America. That’s fine. That’s why we offer the “Foreign Vessel Title Search Request/Transcript of Registry” form. This gives you just about all of the same information you would get from the Abstract of Title. However, it gives you that information about vessels in the United Kingdom, the British Virgin Islands, the Caymans, Bermuda, the Bahamas, and Canada. These are just some of the forms that we offer. To see everything that we provide, you can call us at (866) 981-8783.