A Place to Call Home at Sea: Finding the Right Houseboat Names

Houseboat Names

Have you been going through houseboat names but can’t find the right one? Does it seem like each name for your houseboat you consider is less appropriate than the last? Naming a houseboat is a big deal. Choosing a good houseboat name is a fun and personal decision. Of course, you aren’t locked into the name forever. But, you want to get it right. Here are some considerations and suggestions for selecting a name for your houseboat from our vessel documentation company. 

Houseboat Names: the Basics 

Obviously, you can name your houseboat anything you would like. That said, if you’re stumped, consider names that reflect your personality, interests, or hobbies. It could be something related to the water, boating, or even a wordplay on your family name. Another way to go about it: where do you live? Think about incorporating the location or region where you plan to use the houseboat. You can even opt for nautical or marine-themed names. You can consider terms related to sailing, fishing, or sea life, such as “Aquamarine,” “Seascape,” or “Marina Vista.” But, be careful: you don’t want to choose a name that is or sounds like words used to solicit assistance at sea. 

Funny, Meaningful, and/or Both 

A funny boat name could be the kind of joke that’s enjoyable for years. If you have a playful nature, you can go for puns or wordplay in your houseboat name. Some examples, are “Hull & High Water,” “Knot Guilty,” or “Aye Aye Oasis.” That said, don’t pick something ribald, or something else that you would not want to be associated with. Perhaps, you should choose something sentimental and laden with meaning to you. Some houseboat owners choose names that hold personal or sentimental value. It could be a name that represents a cherished memory, a loved one, or a meaningful word or phrase.

A Houseboat Name for the Long Term 

As your boat will (most likely) stay the same shape and size, maybe draw upon that for the name. Consider incorporating the physical features or attributes of your houseboat into the name. For instance, “Sundrenched” for a houseboat with ample sunlight or “Smooth Sailing” for a boat known for its stability. You may want to aim for a name that is unique and stands out. It should be catchy, easy to remember, and have a pleasant ring to it. Yes, you can change the name at our site, however, you may want to choose a name that will remain relevant and meaningful to you over time. Avoid trends or pop culture references that may lose their significance in the future.

Houseboat Names

Change Your Houseboat Name (or Others) When You Want

Should you decide to document your vessel, you’re more than welcome to do so through our site. We make it easy to expedite the process, to make it simpler than ever. That said, one of the many services we offer at our site is a simpler way to change the name of your vessel, too. That’s just one of the services we offer. You can see all of them right here.