What Vessel Can Obtain A United States Coast Guard Documentation?

What Vessel Can Obtain A United States Coast Guard Documentation

United States Coast Guard documentation can provide boat owners tons of benefits. Unfortunately, not all vessels can be documented. The first requirement of USCG documentation is that the boat has to be at least five net tons. Then, the owner of the boat is a US citizen. Thus, if your boat is, say, less than five net tons, you can’t apply for a USCG documentation.

Should you document your boat?

Now, if your vessel meets the requirements of the documentation, you might be wondering whether you should go through with the process. The answer is yes. That’s because you can’t sail through using that ship without the proper documentation. Vessels that are at least five net tons and they’re used in fishing actives in the Exclusive Economic Zone must be documented. There’s no way to use your boat legally if you don’t apply for a proper USCG documentation.

Another thing you may wonder by now is that if your ship measures five net tons. You may think that your boat is small. When measuring net tonnage, you must not confuse it with the ship’s weight or the total cargo carrying capacity. If your boat is more than 25 feet, it’s likely that it’s five net tons. If you’re not sure about how to determine tonnage, you may visit the US Coast guard Maritime Safety Center. Or you can contact our team of experts to help you figure it out.

Are there vessels exempted from documentation?

Yes, some vessels don’t have to apply for documentation. These vessels don’t operate on the fisheries in the EEZ or on the navigable waters of the United States.

United States Coast Guard Documentation

What are the types of documentation?

There are different types of documentation. It can be endorsed for the registry, recreation, fishery or coastwise. A documented ship can be used for recreational activities regardless of the endorsement. However, a documented vessel with a recreational endorsement cannot be used for any other purpose.

United States Coast Guard Documentation Requirements

As mentioned earlier, the first two things that the United Coast Guard would require before you can obtain this certification are to demonstrate your ownership of the vessel and show you’re eligible for the endorsement you’re seeking. To establish ownership, you can submit the builder’s certification. Your complete name must be present in that certificate.

If you’re a second owner, you must submit a transfer of ownership. You may also send a copy of the state title or registration or a manufacturer’s certificate of origin. Obtaining a United States Coast Guard documentation can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we’re here to make the overall process a lot easier. You may use our service to help you get such documentation. Call us at (866) 981-8783 for any additional information you may need.