What Vessel Owners Should Know About 46 CFR Part 67 (Subpart I)

46 CFR Part 67 (Subpart I)

When you look at vessel documentation forms, do they all seem a bit confusing? If you’re like many, when you see numbers, abbreviations, and the like, it’s natural to be a bit perplexed. Indeed, one of the major reasons we started our site was to make it easier for vessel owners to find and complete the forms they need. But, we also wanted it to be an information hub, a place to find info, too. Below are the facts about 46 CFR Part 67 (Subpart I). 

If you’re like so many of us, you want to know everything you can about a form before you sign it. 

Owning a boat comes with its own set of regulations, much like owning a car. These rules extend beyond mere safety precautions on the water; they encompass the proper identification and marking of your vessel. 

Just as your car requires a license plate and registration sticker, your boat must bear markings that accurately identify it to authorities like the Coast Guard. Familiarizing yourself with these regulations is crucial to avoid potential fines or complications while out on the water. 

So, What is 46 CFR Part 67 (Subpart I)? 

This stipulates how your vessel should be marked to correspond with your Certificate of Documentation (COD) from the Coast Guard. 

Federal registration with the Coast Guard entails different marking requirements compared to registering solely with your state of residence. The Coast Guard provides specific guidelines regarding the placement of information such as your vessel’s hailing port, name, and registration number. 

Rules also govern the font type, size, and permanent affixation of this information on the vessel.

Adhering to 46 CFR

Once you grasp the directives outlined in 46 CFR Part 67 (subpart I), you can proceed with ensuring that your vessel is appropriately marked. It is imperative to display your valid COD onboard where it can be easily inspected by officials if necessary. In the event of damage or loss to your COD, prompt replacement is essential. At our site, we offer assistance with this process and more.

46 CFR Part 67 (Subpart I)

Marking Your Vessel’s Official Number and Hailing Port 

Ensuring compliance with USCG regulations necessitates proper marking of a documented vessel.

Specifically, the letters “NO.” (N and O followed by a period) should precede the vessel’s official number. These characters must be displayed in Arabic numerals, standing at least three inches tall and in block type. 

Moreover, they should be affixed to an interior structural part of the hull, ensuring clear visibility, and permanency in attachment. Regarding visibility, practical judgment applies – so use your common sense. 

The term “permanently affixed” entails that any attempt to alter, remove, or replace these markings would result in evident damage, scarring, or similar effects on the surrounding area.

These markings can be fashioned from any suitable materials, provided they meet certain criteria: at least four inches in height, durable, and clearly legible. They must also utilize Arabic or Roman numerals and letters from the Latin alphabet. 

When indicating the hailing port, both the locality and the abbreviated state, territory, or possession of the United States should be included.

Why Document a Vessel?

In Some Cases, It’s The Law.

There are numerous reasons to document a vessel, but one of the most common is to fulfill legal obligations in certain areas. If you engage in certain activities, possessing proper documentation is a legal imperative to avoid penalties. 

For example, if you plan to use your boat for commercial fishing or to participate in particular races that can yield rewards, documentation is compulsory. 

If registered, you can establish your ownership of the boat. This is also valuable when transferring ownership of the vessel, as it allows the new owner to review the previous owner’s details. Additionally, this can help you to be eligible for a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage, too. 

For many, this is the absolute best way to get the financing necessary to acquire the vessel of their dreams. 

Vessel Documentation Help for Vessel Owners Like You 

Your vessel’s marking information is integral to the registration procedure. At our portal, we serve as the optimal platform for boat owners seeking assistance with registration requirements. 

We provide access to all Coast Guard forms, ranging from initial registration to obtaining a replacement COD or filing for a transfer, hailing port alteration, or vessel name change. 

With our user-friendly website offering secure and expedited access to the necessary forms, you can devote less time to paperwork and more time enjoying the water and the joys of boating with your loved ones.

Whether you just purchased a vessel, want to learn about a prospective purchase, are thinking of selling it, or any other stage of ownership, we can help. 

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