Abstract of Title: Know Before You Buy

abstract of title know before you buy

Do you have your eye on a vessel for potential purchase but aren’t sure if it’s a good idea to buy? Have you reached out to someone to talk about their vessel they’re selling but it seems a bit “too good to be true?” When it comes to your mind as well as your time, you want to be careful, always. We have a form that can help to protect both: the Abstract of Title. This form does that in a very simple way: it provides all of the information you need to know about a vessel before you buy it. 

The Abstract of Title 

“Abstract” may sound like an odd name for this form, but, it rolls off the tongue a bit better than: “The Complete, Unabridged History of a Vessel.” That’s essentially what this form is. It lets you know the truth about the vessel’s history without leaving anything out. You’ll know the entire chain of ownership, who owned it and how long they did so. Moreover, you’ll also know the truth about liens or mortgages on the vessel. Specifically, you’ll know if there were any and (this is key) if they were paid off or not. That’s one very big way that this form can be invaluable. 

How This Can Be So Important 

A scenario that can very easily happen: you find a vessel online, maybe a couple states over. It’s somewhere that you can’t easily go to check out the vessel yourself. But, online, everything checks out: the pictures look great, the history is great, it’s all a great investment. The owner certainly says the right things. Wanting to take care of everything, you file for the Abstract. Then… you learn the truth. The owner lied about the liens on the vessel, there’s actually been more owners than they told you, as well. Just by getting this form, you saved yourself from a “world of trouble,” so to speak. 

Staff to Help 

When you’re researching a vessel, when you’re filing documentation forms, it’s normal to feel like you’re “on your own.” However, when you go through our site, you really aren’t. Our document processors will go through your forms, for one, fixing any issues that might have arisen with them (typos and the like). On top of that, we have a staff who are more than ready to answer any and all questions you might have. 

Once You’ve Purchased the Vessel 

Hopefully, the scenario mentioned above in this blog does not come to pass. Instead, you find out that the vessel is great and go on to buy it. Then, we can help you with the forms you’ll need then, too. For example, we can set you up with the initial vessel documentation. Then, from there, when the time comes, you can renew your documentation at our site as well. Later on, when the time is right to buy another vessel, you can start the cycle all over again with another Abstract. For more: (866) 343-0530.