All the Boat Transfer Paperwork You’ll Need

Boat Transfer Paperwork

Are you in the process of transferring your boat from one location to another and need the documentation that can keep you in compliance with the authorities? Have you almost come to the end of the boat selling process and now need the proper boat transfer paperwork? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Vessel Documentation Online, we have all of the forms you might need no matter how you define “transferring” your vessel. 

Boat Transfer Paperwork for the Sale (and More) 

If you’re selling your vessel, you’re going to want to use the “Transfer/Exchange” form at our site. However, that’s for far more than just selling your vessel. It also works for many other kinds of “transfers” as well. For example, this is the form you use if you’re transferring your vessel to a new individual as well as a company or trust. You want to use this form if you’re adding or removing someone from the vessel ownership, too. One thing to keep in mind: if there’s a mortgage or lien on the vessel, you have to make sure that’s satisfied before you use this form. 

Transferring Your Vessel to a New Location 

Are you moving your vessel from one port to somewhere else? If that’s the case, then you’re going to want to use the “Change of Vessel Name or Hailing Port” form at our site. Now, something some vessel owners don’t realize: this is the form for if you’re moving where your vessel hails from. If you’ve changed your physical location, if you’ve moved somewhere other than the address the USCG has on file, then you’re going to want to avail yourself of the “Change of Address” form. 

Transferring Your Vessel to a New Purpose and Use 

Some “transfers” take place on the water. Maybe, when you first documented your vessel, you used it for coastwise trade, transporting people and goods across a body of water. Perhaps, you just realized that you might be able to make more money by using that vessel for fishing operations. Should that be the case, you can utilize the “Change of Endorsement/Trade Indicator” at our site. You can change your vessel to “Coastwise,” “Fishery,” even “Recreational,” or “Registry,” (the last is often used for foreign trade). That way, you can always use your vessel how you want. 

Mobile Optimized Site = Not Having to Worry About Paperwork Again 

We use the word “paperwork” but the truth is, when you go through our Vessel Documentation Online site, you never have to worry about physical “paperwork.” There are no sheets to keep track of, no pens that might make a mark requiring white-out, no file cabinets or anything of that nature. Instead, you can fill it all out on our site. In fact, we’ve made it so that you can complete all of the forms at our site from your phone, tablet, laptop, or anywhere you have internet access. For more, call us at (866) 981-8783.