What is the Notice of Claim of Lien and Where Might You Need One?

Notice of Claim of Lien

Did you do work on or for someone’s boat and they never paid you what they said they would? Have you felt frustrated and angered, like there’s nothing you can do? It may seem that way, but it’s not the case. There is a way to fight back, to get the owner to pay you what you deserve. You could file what’s called a “Notice of Claim of Lien.” This is just one of the forms you can find at our site. It may be exactly what you’re looking for. 

Notice of Claim of Lien

So, What is a Notice of Claim of Lien? 

Essentially, it’s a claim against a vessel. What’s unique about it is that it’s enforced by the potential seizure of the property if they don’t pay up. These aren’t a new concept. Indeed, they were created a very long time ago so that suppliers could be protected when they extended credit to ships. Due to these liens, the ship owners couldn’t just travel away and escape their debts. A word about our site: we just offer the forms. We can’t comment on whether or not you should file a lien. If you’re unsure, you’ll best be served by talking to an attorney or legal professional. 

Why Might You Need to File One 

Did you work crew on a vessel for a wage that you weren’t paid (or paid less than you agreed to?) Were you on someone else’s vessel and the charter was breached? Were you unpaid for freight? Those are just some of the reasons that you might want to file one of these liens against someone else’s vessel. Additionally, many of these liens are often filed due to damages. They could be damaged from collision, personal injury, or even pollution. 

How the Process Works 

Often, the first step is to send a notice to the owner of your intent to file the claim. Additionally, you will also want to send that to anyone who may hold a mortgage against the vessel and even anyone (you may know of) who has also filed one of these against the vessel. If the boat’s owner doesn’t pay you, then come to our site. There, you can find the notice and file it through our site. Our document processors will go through the form to make sure there are no errors. After that, we’ll pass it on to the relevant authorities. 

Other Forms of Boat Documentation You May Need 

The above is just one of the many forms of vessel documentation you may need. Hopefully, you never need to file one of these liens, and instead are always paid for services rendered. Should that not be the case, you can use this form. However, if you want to learn more about a vessel for potential purchase, you can get an Abstract of Title, do a documentation search, a Foreign Vessel Registry/Title Search, and so much more. To see how we can help, head to our site.