The Boat Documentation Services We Offer Year Round

Boat Documentation Services

Have you been looking to take care of different boat documentation forms but aren’t sure if it’s worth it this late in the summer? Do you want to work with a vessel documentation service that actually makes the process easier on vessel owners? Vessel owners from all walks of life have used our boat documentation services to not just complete the forms, but as a resource, to better understand what they need to do and when. We see it as one more way that we can help vessel owners. 


If you haven’t registered your vessel yet, it’s entirely reasonable to think: “Well, geez, it’s just about August. Do I really want to register my vessel with summer coming to a close?” The truth is, however, that vessel documentation lasts for an entire calendar year. So, there’s still plenty of time to be able to use your documented vessel on the warm waters under the summer sun. 


That said, if you get your vessel documented this July or August, it’ll be due at this same time next year. That’s true, however, unless you avail yourself of our services to document your vessel for up to five years in advance. With that, you won’t have to worry about renewing your vessel for the next half-decade. You don’t have to go that long, of course, you can renew for up to two, three, or four years as well. It’s one more way to give yourself one less thing to worry about. 

Change Your Endorsement 

Maybe, at some point in the next year, after you document your vessel, you decide to change how you want to use that vessel. Perhaps you got your vessel registered to take advantage of a commercial fishing opportunity, only to find that, as summer turns to fall, you can make more money transporting folks around to see the leaves change color than you can fish. For that or any other reason, you can use the “Change of Endorsement/Trade Indicator” form at our site to change your vessel’s endorsement to what best suits how you want to use it. 

Apply for that Preferred Ship’s Mortgage  

Of course, not all vessel owners document their vessels because they’re going to use them for commerce. Indeed, many are used only for recreation, but, vessel owners want to document them so as to be able to apply for a First Preferred Ship’s mortgage. You can find the forms to submit for this mortgage through our site as well (in addition to the forms for when you satisfy that mortgage, too!) 

Boat Documentation Services

Boat Documentation Services for Every Season 

The weather outside will change. The rolling seas of summer will become the frozen, icy glass of winter. Then, come spring, it’ll all thaw again and the cycle will begin anew. No matter what happens outside, however, you’ll be able to find all of the vessel documentation forms you’ll need through the course of vessel ownership at our site at any time. To see what we offer, click here.