Why It’s So Much Easier to Renew Vessel Documentation Online

Renew Vessel Documentation Online

Have you been thinking about trying to renew vessel documentation online but found the process too complicated? Does it feel like you keep putting it off later and later? It’s understandable why you would procrastinate when it comes to renewing your boat documentation. That said, there are hard deadlines and you do have to get it done eventually. There are many reasons that more and more vessel owners renew their boat documentation through our National Documentation Portal. 


There’s no method for renewing boat documentation more convenient than doing it by any other method. You can go through our site and renew your boat documentation in just a few minutes. Moreover, you can do so from practically anywhere, as our site has been optimized for mobile devices. Phones, tablets, and laptops: if it’s connected to the internet, you can use them to renew your boat documentation. 


Moreover, you can renew through the National Documentation Portal with confidence. Specifically, with the confidence that comes from knowing your information won’t be stolen, misused, or the like. As we use SSL encryption on our site, your data will be protected through the process. 

Renew for Years in Advance

As you may know, you have to renew your documentation annually. You have to do that, of course, unless you decide to renew it for multiple years. Through our site, you can renew your documentation for up to five years in advance. So, instead of having to do it year by year, thus potentially putting yourself at risk of missing a deadline, you can give yourself one less worry for a long time to come and renew for two, three, four, and up to five years at once. 

More Than Just Ways to Renew Vessel Documentation Online

Renewal is, in all likelihood, the most popular reason that vessel owners use our site. However, we can help with so much more than just renewal. Case in point: many vessel owners whose documentation expired 30 or more days ago try to renew their documentation only to find that’s impossible. Instead, if it’s expired for that long, you must go the route of “Reinstatement.” That way, you can go back to getting your documentation to use your vessel how you want. 

Replacement, Too 

Even if your Certificate of Documentation has been renewed, if you don’t have a valid, genuine Certificate of Documentation (one that hasn’t been lost or mutilated) then you will not be in compliance. You can acquire a replacement certificate as well as Certified Copies through our portal as well. 

Renew Vessel Documentation Online

The Forms You Need Today

In addition to the forms necessary to maintain vessel documentation at our site, we have ones that help vessel owners to learn more about a given vessel. The Abstract of Title, as well as the Foreign Vessel Title Search, can provide more information, as can vessel documentation search through our site. To see all of the forms that we have to offer, please explore our site.