USCG Documentation Forms for When You Change Course

USCG documentation forms

Has your life changed dramatically since you registered your vessel and you aren’t sure what does and doesn’t have to be updated with your registration? Have you gone from one online documentation site to another looking for the forms you need but you can’t quite find them? When your life transitions, your documentation may have to change with it. Many of us put off updating our documentation, but that can keep your registration from being valid and in compliance. At our site, you can find the right USCG documentation forms for when your life changes. 

USCG Documentation Forms

There can be a lot of money to be made in coastwise trade or fishery. Those are just some of the reasons that those endorsements are so popular. However, you may find that, over time, your business has shifted. Maybe the fish have migrated, or they don’t quite bite like they used to. Or, alternatively, maybe you were transporting goods that have fallen out of style and popularity. If your business has moved, you can move your endorsement along with it. At our site, you can change your endorsement from what it is to what you want it to be. 

When You Or Your Vessel Move

On the water, even if you’re anchored, your boat rarely stays perfectly still. It moves, with the waves and the wind. The same is true in life, too. We rarely stay in one place. So, when you move, you have to update your registration to reflect that. The same holds true for your vessel as well. Maybe you move it from one port to another. The hailing port has to be accurate on your documentation. You can use our Vessel Documentation Online site to ensure the info is always up to date. 

Bringing in a New Owner or Letting One Go 

There are commitments in life, and then there’s co-owning a vessel with someone. This can be an important partnership indeed. However, it might not be one that lasts forever. If one owner wants to leave, or you want to bring a new co-owner into the fold, you have to file a form for that. As with so many other life changes, you can find the corresponding form on our site. Remember, if there’s a mortgage on the vessel, the lender has to sign off on any transition. 

USCG Documentation Forms for This Vessel and the Next 

You can find the forms that you’ll need for just about every phase of vessel ownership at our site. That includes when you start looking at additional vessels. For example, when it comes time to get another vessel, you want to know as much as possible about that vessel. Whether or not someone has a mortgage on it, whether that’s been satisfied or not, and so forth. You can find all of these forms and others at our site. To see all that we offer, click on this link or call (866) 981-8783.