USCG renewal

USCG Renewal: How to Do It, and What Happens When You Don’t

Do you feel like it’s just about time to get your USCG renewal? Are you uncertain about just how the process works? Renewal might just be the most common use of our site. It’s something that you have to do often, yet it’s also the kind of thing that’s easier than you might think to…

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USCG application

Initial Vessel USCG Application: Application to Boat How You Want

Have you found a great maritime business opportunity and want the right kind of vessel documentation to take advantage of it? Are you in the middle of your initial vessel USCG application and aren’t sure exactly which endorsement to choose? So much of the language that’s associated with vessel documentation is jargon, the kinds of…

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Vessel Documentation Service

A Vessel Documentation Service That’s Like a Boat Mechanic for Your Forms

When your vessel isn’t running as well as you would like, do you take it to a mechanic? Have you found that, while you can perform so many boat maintenance tasks yourself, it’s easier when you get some help from the professionals? For so many vessel owners, a professional boat mechanic helps the vessel to…

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United States Coast Guard Boat Registration

United States Coast Guard Boat Registration to Use Your Vessel How You Want

Do you know how you want to be able to use your vessel but aren’t sure exactly how to make your documentation reflect that? Are you in the process of filling out your United States Coast Guard boat registration and are stuck on what an “endorsement” is? Well, in the context of boat registration, the…

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Yacht Documentation

All Yacht Documentation You’ll Need Before You Head Out on the Water

Did you get your vessel and can’t wait to take it out on the water? Are you concerned that you have all of the documentation taken care of that you need before doing so? No one wants to get stopped by the authorities only to find that they don’t have the proper documentation taken care…

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