Nothing Abstract About Needing an Abstract of Title

abstract of title

As of this writing, it’s a good time to buy a boat. The weather’s getting nicer, summer is almost here, and there are plenty of great boats on the market. However, with so many deals around, there are some pretty bad ones too. The last thing anyone wants is to go through the entire process to buy a boat only to find that it’s not at all what you were looking for. One piece of documentation that can help with that tremendously: an abstract of title. It’s just one more form of documentation you can find at our site. 

What’s in an Abstract of Title? 

When you’re thinking about buying a vessel, you want to know as much about it as possible. The person selling it to you can tell you so much, but even if they are trustworthy, you’re going to want to get info from another source too. That’s what this abstract can be. Essentially, it’s all of the documents that have been submitted to the Coast Guard for the vessel. They’re available for all vessels that have been documented with the Coast Guard. 

abstract of title

Why Is That Important? 

These forms are important because they will let you know the absolute truth. You don’t have to question these documents, get additional info, or wonder. For example, if the vessel’s seller tells you that the boat was made in a certain year, and then you get documentation in the abstract telling you that the vessel was actually made before that, then you know not to do business with this seller now or in the future. An abstract allows you to be more knowledgeable about any vessel, which can help you to make better decisions now and in the future. 

How Does the Vessel Documentation Center Help? 

We can make it easier than ever to get these forms. Simply go to our site, click on “Abstract” on the left or in the center of the page, and that’ll take you to the forms. You can fill them out in a matter of minutes from essentially any kind of device that’s connected to the internet. This can make the entire “vessel research” process go that much faster. Instead of spending all kinds of time researching the vessel online, you can know the truth in a brief period of time. 

All of the Forms You’ll Need 

At our site, you’ll be able to find forms to get this kind of documentation as well as many others. In fact, if you’re interested in researching multiple vessels at once, you can do so through our site for a great price. You can request two or even three of these abstracts at once, which can make it that much easier to find the vessel that’s exactly right for your specific needs. Of course, if you have any questions about these forms, feel free to give us a call at (866) 981-8783. We can even walk you through these forms question by question if you like.