vessel documentation query

Vessel Documentation Query: What are Endorsements?

Are you completing your vessel documentation and aren’t sure which endorsement to choose? Or, have you picked an endorsement and are considering picking a new one? Here at the National Documentation Portal, we’re always open to answer any vessel documentation query someone may ask us. Often, we’re asked about “endorsements,” as these show up in…

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Vessel Documentation Search

How to Make a Vessel Documentation Search Online

Before getting yourself involved in a boat transaction, you will try to gather as much information as possible. With that in mind, you may find it reasonable to look for your vessel online on the USCG website before purchasing the watercraft. You will notice, however, that it is not possible to conduct the vessel documentation…

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Vessel Documentation Query “How Do I Boat Safely at Thanksgiving”

Vessel Documentation Query: “How Do I Boat Safely at Thanksgiving?”

We often get asked general boating questions in addition to the questions about vessel documentation. As the holidays approach and the temperatures drop across North America, we’ve been receiving a vessel documentation query that has nothing to do with vessel documentation at all: “how can we boat safely during the holidays?” It’s clear that there…

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