Getting on the NOAA Boat Registry and Staying There

NOAA Boat Registry

Have you been thinking about getting your vessel on the NOAA Boat Registry but aren’t sure if it’s exactly right for you? Did you ever sit down to complete your vessel documentation forms only to find that it’s much, much more difficult and time-consuming than it should be? There are certain vessels that can be documented as well as those that have to be documented. Regardless of your situation, we do not believe that the process should be difficult. That’s why, at our site, we make the process easier than ever before. There are multiple ways we can help. 

How to Get on the NOAA Boat Registry 

One of the most popular uses of our site is to file for initial vessel documentation. As long as your vessel measures at least five net tons (which amounts to about 25 feet long or longer) and is wholly owned by an American citizen, then, yes, your vessel can be on the registry. To apply for this through our site, simply go to the home page, click on “Initial,” and fill out the form below to the best of your ability. Then, send it to us. We’ll check it for errors and get it to where it’s supposed to go pronto so that you can get the documentation you need for your vessel easily. 

Renewing Your Boat Registry Status 

Should your vessel get on the registry, that documentation only lasts for one year. So, you have to renew it annually to be able to maintain the benefits of documentation. That said, accidents happen, people get busy, and some folks forget to renew, etc. To make it even easier, through our site, you’ll be able to renew for up to five years in advance. So, you can renew for another year, another two years, another three years, all the way up to five years. We see it as one more way to make the process easier on our customers. 

Additional Ways We Can Help 

Yes, we expedite the process, making it possible to fill out just about any of the forms that you might need for vessel documentation at a moment’s notice, all through our site. To simplify it further, we have a team of pro document processors who know how to fix any mistakes, no matter how tiny, in a hurry. When you send your forms in through our site, we’ll get right to work on them, making sure that there’s nothing about them that could slow down the process. 

NOAA Boat Registry

Beyond Registry Access 

Access to the registry (and renewal of that access) are some of the most common uses of our site. However, we have many other vessel documentation application forms than just those. Specifically, you can find everything you need here to apply for a First Preferred Ship’s Mortgage as well as the forms you’ll need when you’ve satisfied that mortgage, what is required to transfer/exchange ownership of a documented vessel, and so much more.