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Boat Documentation

Has something happened with your vessel and you aren’t sure what to do next? Was there a change in your life and you don’t know how to square it with your boat documentation? These are the kinds of situations that we created the National Documentation Portal to be able to help vessel owners with. Here, we offer many different solutions to solve the problems that happened with you and your vessel. 

If you’re feeling confused by vessel documentation, you should know that’s a common sentiment shared by boat owners across the United States. As fellow vessel owners, we understand the frustration of grappling with the complexity of boat documentation forms. That’s precisely why we established our platform: to provide clarity and guidance to vessel owners seeking the right documentation solutions.

What to Know About the Renewal Deadline

Concerned about missing your renewal deadline? Keeping track of renewal dates can be trickier than it seems, even for seasoned vessel owners. Renew too early, and you risk shortening your documentation period, leading to unnecessary expenses. Renew too late, and you’re met with a slew of complications. There’s a better way. 

Our platform offers the convenience of renewing your documentation up to five years in advance, alleviating the stress of missing deadlines. And if you’ve already missed the deadline, our user-friendly “Reinstatement” form enables you to swiftly document your vessel once more.

Recognizing the urgency felt by boat owners in promptly completing the documentation process, we’ve highlighted mandatory fields on necessary forms with an asterisk.

What to Do About a Lost COD 

Misplaced your Certificate of Documentation? Without this vital document, you’re not compliant with regulatory requirements. Merely possessing a digital copy or a photo on your phone won’t suffice – you need the authentic certificate. 

You don’t have to worry. Our platform offers a seamless process for obtaining a replacement certificate at any time, ensuring you remain in good standing and free to enjoy your vessel as you please. It’s essential to procure a replacement if your original certificate is lost or damaged, safeguarding your compliance with regulations.

When Should You File a Notice of Claim of Lien?

Not to answer a question with a question, but, are you dealing with payment disputes for work you performed on someone else’s vessel? 

Whether it’s unpaid crew wages or outstanding repair bills, these scenarios may necessitate the filing of a Notice of Claim of Lien against the vessel. However, it’s crucial to note that while we facilitate documentation processes, we are not a maritime legal service. 

Determining the appropriateness of filing a Notice of Claim of Lien rests with you. Should you decide to proceed, our platform streamlines the filing process, enabling you to submit your claim easily. 

Boat Documentation

Unsure if Your Vessel is Eligible for Documentation?

Your boat’s eligibility for documentation is dictated by specific legal criteria. If you’re a U.S. citizen and your boat measures five net tons or above, it’s eligible for documentation.

Net tonnage is a measure of volume, not weight, despite misconceptions. You can ascertain your boat’s compliance with this standard by calculating its volume or gauging its length. Generally, boats 25 feet and above meet the five net ton tier.

Does Your Vessel Need to Be Documented?

Documentation is a necessity for boats used for coastwise commerce or fishing activities within U.S. navigable waters or the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Coastwise commerce entails transporting people or goods. If your boat serves these purposes (and meets the above), then documentation is essential.

Numerous boat owners who don’t require documentation choose to document their vessels chiefly for a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage, a long-standing procedure in U.S. boat financing.

Certified Copy, Replacement, and Deletion Explained

For your Certificate of Documentation to remain valid, a hard copy is obligatory. Digital or copied versions fail this requirement. Securing a Certified Copy permits possessing multiple legitimate copies, enhancing security.

Misplaced or damaged Certificates of Documentation are common. If this happens, it is vital to replace it to retain its validity. For speedy service, rush processing is an option at our site. 

When a boat turns unworkable or shifts for foreign usage, the Certificate of Documentation must be deleted. For this, our platform offers a user-friendly deletion process.

Boat Documentation For the Course of Vessel Ownership

Any alterations in boat ownership, usage, or personal data necessitate registration updates. Our platform provides forms for changing addresses, relocating boats, or modifying usage.

Our platform offers a streamlined experience for filing any necessary forms. Optimized for mobile devices, our site empowers you to complete documentation tasks from virtually anywhere, eliminating the need to carve out time in your schedule for paperwork. With us, the question of “when will I find time to deal with boat documentation?” becomes obsolete – you can do it at your convenience, wherever you are.

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