How to Complete the CG 1258 Form: The Definitive Guide

CG 1258 Form

Are you in the process of taking care of your vessel documentation and want to make sure it’s all done properly? Are you looking to apply for your vessel documentation for the first time? If so, then you’re going to want to complete the CG 1258 form. We have helped so many over the years to be able to find the right form and fill it out quickly and easily. This is one of the most commonly accessed forms at our site for many reasons. 


Whether you’re embarking on the initial documentation journey or navigating the seas of exchange, reinstatement, replacement, or redocumentation, this form can be beneficial in many ways. 

Initial Certificate of Documentation: Setting Sail for the First Time

Picture this: you’ve just acquired a boat, and now it’s time to officially document it with the USCG. The Initial Certificate of Documentation is one of the many applications serviced through completing CG 1258.  We provide a straightforward process for doing exactly that. 

To fill out the form, we’ve marked the parts you have to complete. These can include the vessel’s name, official number (if applicable), HIN number, hailing port, owner’s social security number, and physical and mailing addresses.

The reasons for seeking this initial documentation may vary. Whether it’s a commercial vessel exceeding five tons or a recreational one venturing into international waters, having your boat federally registered can prove beneficial. Once the basic details are in place, it’s time to check a few boxes that align with the purpose behind obtaining this crucial document.

Transfer/Exchange: A Form for Moving On, Too 

If it’s time to make modifications and changes, then the “exchange” option on CG 1258 is your go-to. The official number remains constant, ensuring continuity, while you update specific details. Changes in ownership, name, home port, or alterations in the business structure may prompt the need for an exchange.

If the vessel will have a new owner, you’re removing one from ownership, and other changes, this form is the right one. 

Lost or Mutilated: Replacement Options 

Life on the high seas can be unpredictable, and sometimes, your USCG Documentation may be lost, mutilated, or wrongfully withheld. We’ve got your back. Using this form through our site, you can apply for a replacement. 

Retrieve your vital documentation and continue your maritime journey without missing a beat. Remember: if you lose your Certificate or it’s been mutilated, then you aren’t in compliance with the USCG. Replacement can take care of it. 

Charting the Course Back to Validity With Reinstatement

Certificates of Documentation have a lifespan of one year for commercial vessels and five years for recreational ones. Failure to renew within the designated time frame requires reinstatement rather than renewal.

In such cases, this is the form of choice, distinct from the renewal form (CG 1280). Navigate the waters of reinstatement by completing the form promptly and ensuring your vessel remains valid for how you want to use it. 

CG 1258 Form
More Than Just the CG 1258 Form at Our Site 

Whether it’s the initial documentation, an exchange of details, a reinstatement journey, a replacement quest, or a redocumentation adventure, fill out the forms at our site and you’ll be ready to go. That, is the CG 1258 form or any other we have available for your convenience.

Indeed, while these are all the same “form,” exactly, we’ve made it at our site so that you can fill each out individually and simply. We see it as one more way to streamline the process. Say goodbye to manual form filling and regular postage as we offer a user-friendly, SSL-encrypted online platform. To see how we can help, click on our site today.