What the U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center Does for You

U S Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center

Are you becoming a boat owner for the first time? If you are, this can be an exciting moment for you. When you see that boat in the marina for the initial time, and you know it belongs to you, you will be anxious to get out on the water and start enjoying your investment. Before you get too far ahead of yourself, you do want to make sure you have all your paperwork in order regarding your ship. While you have your bill of sale and title, there are likely some things that you will need to get from the United States Coast Guard (USCG) as well. Take some time to understand what the U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center does for you, so you know what to do if you need to.

All Your Documentation Needs

The National Vessel Documentation Center, or NVDC, is a division of the USCG. Its offices are in West Virginia, and they handle all the documentation for vessels in the United States. While all commercial boats are required by law to have a Certificate of Documentation (COD), recreational ships are not required to do so. However, many people seek out documentation either for some of the security advantages it can offer, or because their lender for the mortgage of the boat requires it to get certified. Whatever the case may be for you, if you are filing for documentation, the paperwork will go through this office.

U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center

Other Functions of the Documentation Center

While handling initial registration is part of what the U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center can do for you, it is not the only task you may need them for. If you ever need a replacement certificate, you would apply to their office. Changes of address, names of your ship, or your hailing port should also be reported to them. You also can send them information when you have satisfied a lien, are seeking to transfer ownership, or if you want an abstract of title about another boat you are interested in purchasing.

We Can Help with Documentation Processes

Many boat owners get frustrated when they must deal directly with the U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center because of confusion, delays, or lost paperwork. That is where we at Vessel Documentation Online can be a saving grace. Our business is dealing with the Documentation Center on behalf of boat owners. We offer all the Coast Guard forms you might need on our website, not only so you can find them quickly, but so you can fill them out electronically instead of by hand. You can transmit everything to us using our secure website, so we get your information fast and without fear of it being compromised in some way. We look everything over before we send it to the Coast Guard for you, and then we can track its progress, so you know when to expect your documentation, paperwork or approvals.