What is a Hailing Port, Where Yours May Be, and How We Can Help

Hailing Port

Have you gotten to the point of completing your initial vessel documentation where it asks you for your “hailing port?” Are you wondering exactly what is a hailing port and where should it be? You have to choose a hailing port, yes, but there are some misconceptions around the concept of a hailing port that we can clear up. Always, our National Documentation Portal was designed to be a resource of not just documentation forms, but education as well. 

So, What is a Hailing Port, Then? 

Essentially, it refers to the port from which your vessel identifies itself. It can be the place your vessel frequents, returns to, or emerges from. The truth is, however, it doesn’t have to be. You can choose your hailing port to be anywhere. It doesn’t have to be the port you use the most, the port your vessel is at right now, and so forth. 

You can choose anywhere you’d like to be your hailing port, so long as it’s in the United States. 

Embarking on a Port Change

Maybe you’ve chosen a hailing port but you want to change it for whatever reason. That’s perfectly acceptable too. 

As life’s tides ebb and flow, the port your vessel hails from is subject to change. Whether you’ve secured a better deal elsewhere or relocated entirely, ports of origin evolve frequently. 

To stay afloat amidst these changes, utilize the forms on our site, particularly the “Change of Vessel Name/Hailing Port” form. Of course, you need not alter your vessel’s name; simply tweak the hailing port, and you’re good to go.

Vessel Documentation Modifications to Keep Up With Your Journey 

Just as your vessel maneuvers through unpredictable waves, the trajectory of life doesn’t always follow a linear course. Winds of change may prompt alterations in your vessel’s endorsement, and guess what? You can make those adjustments conveniently on our site.

What this means is that you may decide to change your vessel from one that engages in commercial fishing operations to one that transports people and/or merchandise, etc. You can change the endorsement to fit your vessel usage. .

Hailing Port

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