We Can Help with Coast Guard Vessel Registry

Coast Guard Vessel Registry

As you work to get your new business off the ground, when you are using ships and boats as part of what you do each day, you will need to follow the protocols and laws set forth by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG). Under current regulations, all commercial vessels are required to register with the Coast Guard so they can be documented. Each ship registered receives a Certificate of Documentation (COD) that must be kept on the boat. If all of this is new to you, you may not be sure just where you are supposed to begin, let alone what information you need to supply. Instead of stressing out about the process, you can come to us at Vessel Documentation Online to get the help you need with becoming part of the Coast Guard vessel registry.

The Coast Guard Database

The USCG maintains a database of all commercial ships and any recreational vessels that wish to be documented. This list is kept for commerce reasons and for security reasons. Without a proper COD, it is against the law for you to have your ship in the water as part of your business. If you are stopped by the Coast Guard and cannot produce your registration and COD credentials, you can be cited and receive a hefty fine, have your ship taken out of the water, and perhaps even impounded. All this can have an adverse effect on your reputation and your business.

Coast Guard Vessel Registry

Becoming Part of the Registry

Becoming part of the Coast Guard vessel registry does not have to be as daunting of a task as it sounds. Instead of you scrambling around trying to find the correct forms to fill out and then mailing it all to the National Vessel Documentation Center for processing, you can turn to us at Vessel Documentation Online for help. Our business is helping owners like yourself get their registration from the Coast Guard without headaches and hassles. You will find the registration forms you need on our website so you can fill them out online. We make it easy for you to upload documents like proof of residency, bill of sale, titles, and more, and you can even submit your payment information to us online. All this is much safer than putting everything in an envelope and mailing it out, hoping it gets to its destination intact.

Your Boat and the Registry

If you need to get your boat or boats listed in the Coast Guard Vessel registry, make sure you come to our website here at Vessel Documentation Online. Our site is simple to use and navigate, and we use the latest technology and encryption methods to make sure your information is protected. You can submit your application to us and have our experts check for errors and omissions that can cause delays. We will send everything to the Coast Guard for you, so it arrives safely and makes getting your COD that much faster for you. Our assistance can help you get your business off the ground without problems or issues.