Vessel Documentation Services Plus

Vessel Documentation Services Plus

For many of our customers, we’re the first time they’ve had to use vessel documentation services. Perhaps it’s the first time you’ve had your own boat and have to get a Certificate of Documentation. Or alternately, maybe it’s the first time that you’ve gone to the trouble to get the documentation. Regardless, we can help you out and have everything you need. In this blog, we’re going to highlight how the Certificate of Documentation works. Then, we’ll take you through how the process can change over time as well as why you should work with us.

Certificate Vessel Documentation Services

The Certificate of Documentation is often the first kind of documentation that a vessel owner has to get. This is one of our most used forms on our site. That’s why it’s prominently displayed in the middle of the site. If that many people are going to use this form, they shouldn’t have to go through the entire site to get it. So, we make sure that it’s easy to find: right in the middle of the page. We don’t want to say “you can’t miss it” because, well, someone could potentially miss it. But, for all intents and purposes, you can’t miss it. This form is as prominently placed as can be.

Documentation Better

We’ve talked to so many people over the years who just assumed that filling out vessel documentation would be extremely complicated. Perhaps they were too used to the DMV, or healthcare, or tax forms or something like that, but many are so relieved when they find out that vessel documentation is easily filled out at our site. All you have to do is fill out the blank forms on the page. That’s it. In many cases, we make it so that you have multiple choice options. So, you don’t even have to write anything – you just have to click. We figure it’s one more way that we can make the process that much simpler.

Vessel Documentation Services Plus

Initial Certificate of Documentation

As we mentioned, this is one of the first forms that many vessel owners fill out. So, if you click on it, you see what you have to fill out. In many places, where we thought there might be some questions, we put in information that could make it easier for someone new to documentation to understand. For example, you’ll notice where it says “Vessel Name.” Below, we explain what to do if you’re changing the vessel’s name, or if you’re naming multiple vessels. When you come up with the name, bear in mind:  only regular Numeric and Alpha characters will appear in the Certificate of Documentation. You might be surprised at how many people don’t realize that.

Fill Out Forms When You Want

If you ever tried to fill out vessel documentation forms before the internet, you know how frustrating it could be. One thing that happened to so many vessel owners is that they’d sit down to fill out the form and then something would come up. Maybe it was a family thing, maybe it was a work thing, or perhaps it was just a distraction that took them away from doing the tedious work of filling out vessel documentation, so they’d go do that. Of course, for many of us, paperwork easily gets lost. Too many people have started vessel documentation only to be unable to find that documentation to complete it. That never happens with us. Should you leave without finishing, simply click “Save and Continue Later.” Then, your form will be right as it was when you left.

After you get your Certificate of Documentation, eventually you’ll have to renew it. We have renewal forms, but we also have renewals beyond that. Instead of renewing every year, you can renew for many years past that, too. So, instead of having to worry about your renewal every year (as well as the possibility that you might forget to renew, and then have to go through the rigorous task of reinstatement) you can take care of it for years in advance. It’s one more service we can offer our customers that helps us to stand out from the rest.

The first time you get your boat can be an incredibly exciting experience. Now, a whole new world is literally opened up to you. Before, you could only travel by the land (or if you have a plane as well) the sky. But now, with a vessel, the water is yours as well. Don’t let vessel documentation keep you from enjoying your vessel with the most peace of mind. Our vessel documentation site has everything you need to make sure that your vessel always goes out on the water legally. If you have any questions, give us a call at  (800) 535-8570 or head to our website.