Vessel Documentation Search Done Right Through Our Site

vessel documentation search

Have you been researching a particular vessel? Do you want to learn more about a vessel but want to be sure that information comes from an unimpeachable source? We can help. Here at the National Documentation Portal, you can conduct a vessel documentation search through our site. This search can help you to learn more about a particular vessel. That said, there are other forms you can apply for through our site which can provide you with even more information about a vessel. 

How to Conduct a Vessel Documentation Search at Our Site 

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to search at our site. Simply click on “Vessel Documentation Search” and then enter a vessel’s Official Number or HIN (Hull Identification Number). Don’t worry about which device you’re doing this search on: our site has been optimized to work on laptops, phones, tablets, and more. Plus, through SSL encryption, your information is secure. 

What This Search Can Provide You With 

Through this search, you’ll be able to find out more information about a vessel, to put it mildly. You’ll learn the vessel’s name, its service information, its particulars, and even its tonnage information. In fact, you’ll also be able to find out its documentation and certifications. This will include the status of its Certificate of Documentation, when it was issued as well as when it will expire. 

For a More In-Depth Search: the Abstract of Title 

What you won’t find through the search on our site is any information about the vessel’s owner. There’s a good reason for that: ownership information was pulled from these searches about five years ago now. However, you can find that information and more on our site. Simply fill out an application for an Abstract of Title. With that, you can learn not just the identity of the current owners of the vessel but also the chain of ownership when the vessel was documented. You can also discover whether or not there are any liens, mortgages, or encumbrances against the vessel as well as their status. 

Information About Vessels Overseas 

We understand that some people may have their eye on a vessel overseas. Through the “Foreign Vessel Title Search Request,” you can learn more information about vessels in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, and elsewhere. 

vessel documentation search

Documentation Beyond a Search 

Many would-be vessel owners initially come to our site to conduct a search or apply for an Abstract of Title so as to learn more information about a vessel before purchasing one. Then, once they’ve purchased the vessel that they wanted, they come back to our site to start the documentation process, finding all of the documentation forms they need to be able to use their vessel how they want to use it legally. You can find all of those forms and others right here at the National Documentation Portal. To see all that we offer, click here.