What Is A USCG Documented Vessel?

What Is A USCG Documented Vessel

What Is A USCG Documented Vessel? A documented vessel is registered by the US Coast Guard (USCG), instead of numbering it by the state. But not all vessels are required for USCG documentation. Vessels that are five net tons or over can be documented. However, commercial vessels with five net tons and over are subject to USCG documentation. But documenting a vessel offers tons of benefits. One of them is title assurance. Keep in mind that the USCG has stringent title requirements. When a vessel is documented, you can see a complete history of the ship through the Abstract of Title.

Foreign Travel is a lot easier.

With a USCG documented vessel, you can easily sail in foreign waters. The reason for this is that the certificate of documentation can help with the foreign government. It also gives you protection.

Facilitate in financing

The majority of lenders need documentation to secure their interest through a preferred ship’s mortgage, which is recorded by the USCG. Boat owners may also wish to document their vessel because of the prestige it can offer. Other owners don’t like state registration because they need to display their boats’ hull numbers. But the major benefit of a USCG documentation is that when you purchase or sell it, the ownership and any encumbrances can be easily checked.

What Is A USCG Documented Vessel

What requirements to meet for USCG documentation?

One of the main requirements of documenting a vessel is that the owner or all owners must be citizens of the United States of America. What if you’re a corporation? You may ask. You can still document it as long the corporation is founded and established in the US. Then, the president or the chief officer of the corp is a US citizen. If you need help with the requirements about corporation, you may ask our USCG experts at US Documentation.

Is there a disadvantage in documenting a vessel?

There’s the main problem of documenting a ship. And that’s the high cost. For a recreation vessel, the initial documentation cost is $100. The numbering fee can vary from state to state. However, it’s still cheaper than documentation as it averages only around $25. Apart from that, a documented vessel isn’t exempted from the local and state taxes. Then, owners have to pay for any boating fees. Then, some states still require a registration even for a documented boat. Still, the pros easily outweigh its cons.

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