Understanding the USCG Exchange of Ownership Process

Understanding the USCG Exchange of Ownership Process

When the time comes to trade in your old vessel for a new one, you will want to sell your current boat to a new owner. You have already completed the documentation process once, but if you are trying to sell your vessel, you will have to apply to the Coast Guard for a certificate establishing transfer of ownership. This certificate will demonstrate to the Coast Guard that the boat has been transferred in ownership, and that you are no longer the owner of the vessel. If you want to contact us in person, it is easier to explain the process of the USCG exchange certificate so that you can understand it.

Selling Your Vessel

You may want to confirm the transfer of ownership as soon as it happens, but in fact you will have to wait until the process is complete before you are able to start the exchange. As a simple example, when you transfer ownership of the vessel to a spouse or partner, you will need to complete this transfer form after the marriage or civil union. When you are selling the boat, you have to finalize the sale in order to complete the transfer, obtaining a bill of sale which will be the proof you need to create a certificate of exchange.

Understanding the USCG Exchange of Ownership Process1

When Do You Need A Certificate Of Transfer?

The most obvious reason that you might need a certificate of exchange is when you are transferring ownership to a new buyer. If you have decided to put ownership of the boat into the hands of your spouse, then you will also need this exchange certificate. There may also be more complicated reasons to transfer or exchange ownership, including if you have not completed the vessel mortgage, you must satisfy the lender the repayment before you can complete the exchange. It is even more stressful if you transfer ownership to a corporation or trust fund.

Make Your Transfer Certification Process Easier

We understand that the process of obtaining a USCG exchange certificate can be complicated, particularly if there are other factors involved. If you have found that your transfer is becoming too complicated to manage alone, then you need to call in Vessel Documentation Online. We can help you to make sure that all forms you submit are correct, and that all the paperwork is done in the correct order. To begin working with us, call us now at (866) 981-8783.