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Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentation

Being on a boat is exciting. There’s basically nothing else in life like it. Some other exciting times in boat ownership: when you’re buying a boat (that’s new to you) and when you’re going to sell it to someone else. When those situations arise, a transfer exchange of USCG documentation could be just what you need. That way, the transfer of documentation is down on the “up and up,” so that everyone can have the peace of mind that comes from being in compliance with the law. As with all of the other important vessel documentation forms, you can find them at our site. 

Who Would Need a Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentation? 

Simply put, this form becomes necessary when whoever is the owner of the vessel changes. Often, yes, this is when there’s a new owner of the vessel when one owner sells it to someone else. However, this also comes into play when a spouse is added or removed from the ownership of the vessel as well. For vessels that are owned by a company or trust, when it’s sold (to whoever) this has to be changed as well. When there’s a change to any part of the ownership, this form is necessary. 

Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentation

Important Facts to Keep in Mind 

As with most things in life, having an outstanding mortgage can complicate things. If there is an outstanding mortgage on the vessel in question, then one of a few possible steps must be taken. An easy way to clear things up: satisfying the mortgage. That would make everything on the “up and up.” Another possible action: getting permission from the lender/mortgagee. If they sign off on it, then it’s legally permissible to complete the transfer of the vessel’s Certificate of Documentation to someone else. 

How the Vessel Documentation Center Helps 

We make it easy to fill out this form and send it to the relevant authorities. When you’re going through something like a change in ownership (whether you’re relinquishing ownership or getting it yourself) the last thing anyone wants is for the process to slow down. In just a few keystrokes, you can send this form to us. From there, we’ll make sure that it gets where it has to go pronto. That way, everyone involved can have the clarity (and documentation) that they seek in less time. 

Forms for All Stages of Vessel Ownership 

For many, this form is the end of their involvement with a particular vessel. From there, it’s time for them to get a new vessel or one that’s new to them. We have the documentation to help with that process as well. You can also find all of the forms that you might need throughout the course of vessel ownership: changing addresses, renewing registration, and the like. Then, we’ll still have these forms when it’s time to sell that vessel too. For more information about this form or any other, you can call us at (866) 981-8783.