Tips for Choosing Small Boat Names

Having a boat of your own is great, but since most watercraft have a name, you may be trying to come up with the perfect moniker for yours. There are loads of small boat names to choose from so you can find guidance from many sources. What’s important to remember when you’ve finally settled on a name for your vessel is to be sure all coordinating paperwork is filed with the coordinating number for your boat. Legalities aside, here are some tips you can use as you name your boat. 

Simple and Unique is the Way to Go

While you definitely want a unique name, one that no other boat has, you don’t want to give it a name that’s too complicated either. Logistically, a name that is too long won’t fit on the vessel itself but could be hard to remember. At the same time, a short and simple boat name won’t require a lot of explaining to people who don’t understand it. 

Keep it Clean and Classy

Avoid using swear words, innuendos, or inappropriate terms when you choose a name for your boat. You won’t want the embarrassment of explaining what it means, especially if you have children who will be joining you on the boat. Making a good impression in the boating community is important and the name of your boat plays a role, so keep that in mind when you give it a name. 

Puns are a Fun Choice

Many boats have names that involve a pun. You can use one of these as a way to make your boat stand out from the others. Just remember the above advice when choosing a pun. Keep it simple, clean, and classy for the best results. 

Enlist Help From Friends and Family

If you are struggling to come up with a good name for your boat, talk with your close friends and family. They can give you ideas, based on your hobbies and interests or their perspective on who you are. These outside looks at your boat name could help you come up with something you’d never have thought of on your own.

File the Official Paperwork

Once you’ve chosen a name for your boat, it’s time to file the paperwork. This gives the authorities important information about your boat, which can be used if you decide to sell it or you have an emergency on the water. Filing the paperwork is an important part of owning a boat so make sure to complete this task as soon as possible after naming it.  This is also the time to add the name to your boat, using water-safe paint or decals. 

Thinking of small boat names is a fun task but can also take some time and thought. Once you’ve settled on the perfect name for your watercraft, Vessel Documentation Online can help you with the documentation. Contact us to today and we can help you file the right papers in a quick and efficient way so that you can get to the job of enjoying your time on the water.