The US Vessel Documentation Center: Essential Boat Owner’s Resource

US Vessel Documentation Center

When you own a boat, there are plenty of things to consider and our US vessel documentation center can be a valuable resource. It can help you properly take care of all the paperwork for your boat and be sure your vessel is registered and legal. Much the same way that you register your car and put license plates on it, you’ll follow a similar process when you own a boat. This article can be used as your ultimate resource for boat documentation.

Initial Documentation

On our website, The US Vessel Documentation Center you can file your initial application as a boat owner. To complete the application, begin by reading the cautionary statement at the top so you know what to expect. Then, you’ll provide the vessel’s name and information about current ownership. Then you’ll fill in the official number, the hull identification number, and the International Maritime Organization number if any of them have been issued. Next, supply the hailing port, management information, and additional info about the boat itself. Then simply submit and we’ll take over. 

Renewal, Reinstatement of Change of Address

We can also help you with matters pertaining to a current boat. That includes renewing the boat documentation, reinstating it, and/or changing the address if the owner or manager moves. It’s important to do this in a timely manner to avoid expired documentation and to keep pertinent contact data up to date. Taking care of the paperwork as soon as a change is made can ensure that you have current documents, should they be needed for any reason. 

Transfer of Ownership

If you decide to sell your documented vessel, or otherwise transfer ownership, our handy online form can get the job done quickly. You will need to have boat data handy, as well as the name and contact information of the current owner, as well as that of the buyer or person taking over ownership of the watercraft. Signatures are usually required so be prepared to include that as well. 

Deletion Services

If for some reason, you want to delete your boat from Coast Guard documentation, this form can help you do so. You will need to include the vessel’s official number and be able to provide a reason for the deletion. This process must be done in writing and you must have the original Certificate of Documentation to complete the paperwork. 

General Boat Information

We can also help you find information about your boat or another vessel. Our services include receiving an abstract of the title, any documentation about a lien on the boat, mortgage paperwork, change of vessel name or hailing port, changing an endorsement, and foreign vessel search request. All of these instances should be taken care of as soon as possible to keep documents valid and up to date. 

The US Vessel Documentation Center

Boat ownership isn’t something to take lightly. Being responsible on the water includes having your boat registered and keeping all its data up to date. When the paperwork is needed, you can count on finding it at The US Vessel Documentation Center. Contact us today, no matter your paperwork needs, and you’ll get the process moving quickly and efficiently.