The Right Ship Documentation for When Your Life Changes Course

Ship Documentation

Has something changed in your life that you think may need to be reflected in your vessel documentation? Did you move? Did you move your boat? Has a new owner joined your vessel (or has one left?) These are all life changes that require updating your ship documentation. The good news: we can help. Here at our National Documentation Portal, we have everything you need to be able to update your documentation quickly, easily, and completely.  

Life is a dynamic journey, and as it unfolds, your vessel documentation should seamlessly adapt to the changes you encounter. Whether you’ve recently relocated, altered co-ownership arrangements, or faced the unfortunate loss of your Certificate of Registration, ensuring your vessel documentation accurately reflects your current circumstances is crucial. We understand the challenges you may encounter and have streamlined the boat documentation process to make it as effortless as possible.

When You Move: Updating Your Address (and Your Vessel’s)

Relocating is a monumental undertaking that involves updating various aspects of your life, from legal documents to addresses. Your vessel documentation is no exception. When you embark on a move, it’s imperative to include your vessel’s information on your checklist. At our online platform, initiating a “Change of Address” is a straightforward process. This form not only allows you to update your personal address but also provides a convenient avenue for modifying your boat’s hailing port if it has changed during the move.

Remember: when it comes to your hailing port, you don’t have to choose the port that the vessel spends the most time in. You can choose anywhere you’d like, so long as it’s in America. Recognizing that vessel documentation is not always at the forefront of your priorities, we’ve prioritized efficiency. Our user-friendly interface ensures a quick and hassle-free update, giving you the peace of mind that your documentation is in sync with your current location.

Ship Documentation

When Co-Ownership Changes: Streamlined Forms for Transition

Co-ownership of vessels is common, but life circumstances may prompt changes in ownership structures. Whether you’re adding a new co-owner or parting ways with an existing one, our online platform offers dedicated forms to facilitate these transitions. The Transfer/Exchange forms cater to various scenarios, accommodating ownership adjustments with ease.

Should you decide to sell your vessel, these forms are equally applicable. However, it’s essential to note that if there’s an outstanding mortgage on the vessel, obtaining permission from the lender or mortgagee is a crucial step in ensuring a seamless transition of ownership.

When Certificates are Lost or Destroyed: Safeguarding Compliance

In the unfortunate event that your vessel’s Certificate of Documentation is lost or damaged, it’s imperative to understand that a digital copy or photocopy won’t suffice. To remain in compliance, obtaining a replacement is a necessary step.

Though it might seem stringent, this measure ensures the integrity of ship documentation. At National Documentation Portal, we guide you through the process of obtaining a replacement, ensuring that your vessel remains duly registered and recognized.

Ship Documentation to Adapt to Your Unique Journey

The scenarios mentioned above represent just a fraction of the situations our vessel documentation services can address. Vessels, much like individual lives, are diverse, and what suits one owner may not necessarily fit another. With years of experience assisting vessel owners in navigating their unique circumstances, we take pride in offering guidance that keeps you on the right course. Indeed, we even have forms such as the Abstract of Title or the ship documentation search to help you learn more about a vessel before you buy. 

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