Simple, Fast, and Efficient: Documented Vessel Renewal Through our Portal

Documented Vessel Renewal

Are you tired of the seemingly interminable process of vessel renewal in the United States? Ever sent in your renewal paperwork only to find yourself caught in a seemingly endless waiting game? We hear you. We believe that this process shouldn’t be difficult. Indeed, it should be as simple as sending an email. That’s why we do everything we can to make documented vessel renewal that much easier through our site.

As fellow vessel owners, we empathize with the frustration that can come with the documentation process.  In fact, it’s precisely this frustration that led us to establish our own vessel documentation company. We firmly believe that renewing your vessel documentation, or any related paperwork for that matter, shouldn’t be an arduous ordeal. We can make the process simpler in a variety of ways. 

Vessel Renewal at Your Fingertips

Recognizing the need for a simpler and swifter process, we’ve taken steps to streamline the experience. 

Our website is meticulously optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to renew your vessel documentation from virtually anywhere, using any device with an internet connection. 

Whether you’re out for a jog, enjoying a leisurely stroll in the park, or simply tending to household chores like raking leaves, you can seamlessly complete your renewal process. In fact, many of our clients tackle this task while aboard their vessels during moments of downtime.

Renewal for Years Ahead

To further alleviate the hassle, we offer the option to renew your documentation for multiple years in advance. 

For a nominal fee, we’ll ensure your documentation remains up to date for the desired duration, sparing you the worry for two, three, four, or even five years ahead. 

With vessel ownership comes the paramount need for peace of mind, and our multi-year renewal service provides just that. Bid farewell to concerns about missed deadlines or expired documentation by entrusting us with your vessel renewal needs.

Expedited Processing Options

Exploring our website, you’ll find the option for “rush processing” available on many of our forms. As the name suggests, this service prioritizes your forms, ensuring they’re expedited through our system for a small additional fee. 

We understand the urgency many of our clients face in needing their documentation promptly. By offering rush processing, we guarantee they can swiftly gain access to the necessary paperwork, enabling them to utilize their vessels as and when they please.

Documented Vessel Renewal

Know the Benefits of Documentation and Your Vessel’s Eligibility 

Eligibility for vessel documentation varies depending on certain criteria outlined by the law. If your vessel is owned by a U.S. citizen and has a net tonnage of five or more, it qualifies for documentation.

Net tonnage, contrary to popular belief, measures volume, not weight. To determine if your vessel meets this requirement, you can measure its volume or consider its length. Typically, vessels 25 feet or longer meet the five net ton threshold.

Vessels that require documentation include those intended for coastwise trade or fishing activities in U.S. navigable waters or the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Coastwise trade encompasses the transportation of people or goods. If you plan to use your vessel for these purposes, documentation is necessary. 

You may still choose to document your vessel if you wish to procure a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage. Documentation can help you to be able to pay for the vessel of your dreams. 

What to Remember About Vessel Documentation 

We understand the urgency vessel owners feel in completing the documentation process efficiently. Hence, we’ve marked mandatory fields with an asterisk on applicable forms.

While the “Initial Registration” form is frequently used, completing it does not guarantee documentation. Additionally, registrations are valid for one year and must be renewed thereafter, with the option to renew for up to five years at once.

In the event of a missed renewal, you cannot use the “Renewal” form. Instead, utilize the “Reregistration” form to maintain registration.

Changes in vessel ownership, usage, or personal details require registration updates. Forms for address changes, vessel relocation, or change of usage are available on our site.

We also have the forms when it’s time to move on from your documented vessel, too. In that circumstance, you can use the “Transfer/Exchange” form at our site. 

Documented Vessel Renewal: Simplified Documentation Across the Board

Our primary goal has been to streamline the process of documented vessel renewal, ensuring efficiency without compromising thoroughness. Not limited to just renewals, our dedication extends to simplifying the entirety of the documentation process. Accessible from any device, our renewal and other forms provide convenience, eliminating the need to set aside specific time for paperwork. Our aim is to transform the vessel documentation experience, prioritizing ease and speed. Bid farewell to long waits and bureaucratic hurdles, and welcome a smoother, more efficient approach to managing your vessel documentation needs.

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