Ship Documentation Is Different Than Registration


Why Ship Documentation is Different than Registration

As the owner of a vessel, you need to understand why ship documentation is different than registration. These small differences can make a big impact in your experience. Recreational vessel owners are required to register their boats with the respective state governments in the USA. Each state has different requirements and agencies to manage these issues. Any vessel weighing five net tons or more and owned by a US Citizen can be documented. This tonnage contemplates the vessel’s cargo carrying volume. Vessels with more than 25 feet of length will have a cargo volume of five net tons or more.

Registration vs Documentation

Vessels Documentation was a way for the Federal Government to manage commercial shipping and the taxes resulting from their cargoes. Nowadays, the US Coast Guard takes care of the documentation of multiple types of boats. A recreational vessel that is endorsed as such, cannot be used for any other purpose. And if you want to use a boat for commercial purposes, you’ll need the proper documentation to do so. In any case, it doesn’t matter the use that was given to the embarkation before its documentation. All documented vessels get a unique official number. But they’re not identified by them: the name and hailing port is used for that purpose. The application for documentation must include a name for the vessel. This name may not exceed 33 characters and cannot be identical to any word used to solicit assistance at sea. It shouldn’t contain or be phonetically identical to obscene or racist words either. Once you established you vessel’s name, you may not be able to change it. The only way to do it is through some specific applications, fees, and the consent of the Director, National Vessel Documentation Center. There are no restrictions on duplication of names for documented vessels. That’s why hailing ports are helpful to identify vessels, too.

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