5 Facts that Explain the US Coast Guard Bill of Sale Form

coast guard bill of sale

The US Coast Guard bill of sale form is an important document, both for someone selling a boat and for someone buying a boat. This form is used to transfer ownership of a water vessel, both those with an engine and those without. Like any bill of sale, it’s important to get as much information as you can when you fill it out. This ensures that the buyer is getting what they want and the seller is providing all necessary information about the boat. Whichever end of the sale you’re on, this handy article will provide facts about the form that you need to know. 

There Isn’t an “Official” US Coast Guard Bill of Sale Form

You might be surprised to find that the US Coast Guard doesn’t have an official form that it uses as a bill of sale. However, you must still have one to properly transfer an undocumented boat from one person to another. So, while the document may look different from person to person, the general information needed is the same. 

You Need Some Important Information

The next fact to know is that there is some vital information that any bill of sale for a watercraft will need to include. That is the HIN, or hull identification number, and the name of the vessel. The name and address of both the buyer and the seller is also required. The amount the boat is being sold for should also be written on the document. 

Signatures are Required

To make the bill of sale a legal and binding document, both the buyer and seller must sign their name. In some cases, the boat may need to undergo an inspection and be looked over and stamped by a notary. In that case, the state, county, and expiration date will need to be provided and included on the form by the notary. 

Vessel Particulars Should be Included

Be sure to leave space for information about the builder of the boat and its dimensions. That includes its length, depth, and layout, as well as the former names the boat has been given. Warranties, limitations, and exceptions are also listed on this portion of the form. 

There are Templates and Guides Available

While there is no official US Coast Guard bill of sale form, you can draw up a template that many buyers and sellers use. It should provide step-by-step instructions for properly filling out the form and getting it done right. 

Remember, a coast guard bill of sale form is only for vessels that aren’t registered with the NVDC. Here at Vessel Documentation Online, we are equipped to help you get through the process of vessel documentation for NVDC-documented vessels. Contact us today for just about everything you may need in terms of vessel documentation.