Reliable Vessel Documentation Search for Past and Present Information

vessel documentation search

You are either selling your vessel or buying one from someone else and you want to make sure you have all the relevant (and accurate) information about it before the purchase takes place. If only there was a database where you could have access to all of this! Oh, wait… there is. If you are embarked on a vessel documentation search to get all the registered data about the vessel, all you need to do is request an abstract of title.

Vessel Documentation Search

If you are looking for a vessel documentation search, what you are probably looking for is an abstract of title. This is the record of all the documents that have been submitted to the United States Coast Guard for one specific vessel. So, if you are searching for documents relating to your registration, they will most likely be a part of the abstract of title. We say “most likely” because there are bound to be some gaps in the information in certain cases, particularly if the vessel at some point changed owners or was left unregistered for a while. Additionally, if the vessel was previously registered in a foreign country, the related documents will probably not be part of the abstract. However, this is still a very informative record that can help you whether you are a potential buyer or a current owner looking to verify information about the vessel.

How to Get an Abstract of Title

Receiving an abstract of title when your vessel is registered with the United States Coast Guard is very easy. All you need to do is find the corresponding form on our website and submit it via our platform. This form will only ask you for some of your contact information as well as the identifying details of the vessel itself. Please note that all abstracts of title will be processed at time of submission. Additionally, to acquire an abstract of title to furnish proof of the completion of an application, mortgage, or instrument, please apply after the applicable application has been processed.

What an Abstract of Title is for

The main purpose of an abstract of title is to provide you with an easy and convenient vessel documentation search that can be used to verify information, cross-check previous ownerships, and have access to prior documents related to the boat in question. With an abstract of title, you don’t have to question the information about the vessel or its past. If a seller is telling you that the boat in question is x years old, an abstract of title will be able to tell you whether that is true or not. If you find out that the seller lied or misinformed you about something, you can redirect your business practices and avoid doing business with them.

Vessel Documentation Search

Keeping track of your vessel documentation can be a lot, which is why it’s a good thing the Coast Guard does it for you. All the information about your vessel, past and present, is easily accessible via an abstract of title, which you can conveniently request via the form on our website. If you have a question about a process or application, give us a call at 1-866-981-8783 or email us at and we’ll be in touch with you in no time.