Reasons You May Want CG Documentation

CG Documentation

Do you think you might want CG documentation yet aren’t sure if it’s the right move? Have you felt like documentation is just one more chore that might not be worth it? Your time and your money are valuable. After all, you didn’t get to where you are in life by being frivolous with either. Before you make a decision, one way or the other, you want to know all of the facts. At our site, we’ve helped so many vessel owners just like you to determine what’s right for their needs, in terms of documentation and so much else. 


CG Documentation for Financing Your Vessel 


One of the main reasons that vessel owners get their vessels documented is so that they can get a mortgage on the vessel. Over the last so many decades, it has become increasingly more common that banks and other lenders demand that vessel owner document their vessel before they qualify for financing. Once you do decide to do so, we can help with many of the vessel documentation forms that relate to financing, such as a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage, the Satisfaction of Lien/Mortgage, and others. 


Documentation for Business Opportunities 


To legally pursue business opportunities is one of the best reasons that vessel owners get their vessels documented. Vessels that measure five net tons and are going to be used for commercial fishing activities or transporting people/cargo through the navigable waters of the United States or the Exclusive Economic Zone have to be documented. Moreover, they have to be documented with a “Fishery” or “Coastwise” endorsement respectively. If a business opportunity comes along, you can pounce on it with the right vessel documentation. 


Business Overseas, a Name/Hailing Port, and More 


That said, not all business opportunities for you and your vessel are going to be in the navigable waters of the United States or the Exclusive Economic Zone. should there be a business opportunity that would take you and your vessel overseason, for examples, you’re probably going to want to get your vessel documented and then get a “Registry” endorsement. Many vessel owners get their vessels documented not for any business opportunity but so that they can go by the name and hailing port markings on the side of the vessel. 


CG Documentation


A Site for Vessel Owners 


The above are just some of the reasons to get your vessel documented. There are many others. If you’ve determined that you want to get your vessel documented, we have all of the resources you could need. At our site, you’ll find all of the different forms you may want, all on the left side of our homepage. We have document processors on staff who can catch any small, tiny errors in your forms so that you don’t have to worry about them. You can get rush processing for your documentation, and even renew it for years in advance all at once. To talk to a member of our staff, call (866) 981-8783.