MARAD Waiver: Use Your Vessel How You Want

MARAD Waiver

Did you come into possession of a vessel that was made outside of the U.S. and you want to use it for passenger operations? Are you looking for a way to comply with the authorities? If so, then the MARAD Waiver may help. We’ve helped many over the years to be able to use their vessel how they want. 

In terms of commercial passenger vessels navigating U.S. waters, the vessel must be constructed in America. While this regulation is rigid, there exists a pathway — the MARAD Small Vessel Waiver. Acquiring this waiver can be a great boon for those seeking to engage in commercial passenger operations.

Ensuring Eligibility for Your Vessel

Before embarking on the journey of obtaining this waiver, it is imperative to ensure that your vessel aligns with the stipulated requirements. Firstly, your boat or yacht must be a minimum of three years old. 

Additionally, applicants (vessel owners) must be U.S. citizens, and their commercial operations should be exclusively passenger-based. 

Moreover, when you use it to carry passengers, you can only have as many as twelve passengers.  That’s it. It is crucial to note that activities such as commercial fishing, cargo transportation, dredging, or towing are strictly prohibited under a MARAD Small Vessel Waiver.

The Application Process for the MARAD Waiver

In the past, the only avenue for applying for this waiver involved a lengthy and intricate process via mail. Fortunately, the landscape has evolved, and the digital era now allows applicants to streamline the procedure by applying online. 

A National Documentation Portal that Serves as Your Maritime Partner

For those seeking to broaden their maritime business horizons, we stand as a reliable ally. Offering an array of online forms catering to various vessel registrations, our platform simplifies the application process for this waiver, yes, but also so many other forms related to Coast Guard documentation.

Our platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive services make us the preferred partner for maritime enthusiasts navigating the intricacies of obtaining these crucial documents.

MARAD Waiver

More Documentation Than Just This Waiver 

This waiver is an important, useful form, yes, but also just one of the many that we offer. For example, so many that apply for this waiver and receive then (if eligible) apply for initial vessel documentation. 

From there, we have everything you need to be able to renew your documentation, to replace it or reinstate it if necessary. Should you so choose, you can apply for a First Preferred Ship’s Mortgage and so much more. 

Navigating the waters of U.S. maritime regulations can be complex, but with the right support, the process becomes significantly more manageable. Leveraging the online application option not only streamlines the process but also opens new avenues for businesses looking to thrive in the realm of commercial passenger operations. As the maritime landscape continues to evolve, embracing digital solutions ensures a smoother voyage towards achieving your goals.

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