Make Important Discoveries with A USCG Documentation Lookup

Make Important Discoveries with A USCG Documentation Lookup

You are buying a new boat, and want to know more about its history, its previous ownership and any mortgages that were previously taken out upon it. All of this information will be recorded by the US Coast Guard registration program. Therefore you can find out everything that you want to know when you perform a USCG documentation lookup on the vessel you are interested in. This type of documentation will make it clear exactly what has happened to your boat, and whether it is worth your investment.

The Process of a Documentation Search

The certificate of documentation is granted to US built vessels which are currently owned by a citizen of the United States. On being granted this documentation, the boat will have a specific Coast Guard number attached to it. It is not possible to change this official number, and it remains with the boat for as long as it is operated as a vessel. Even if the documentation lapses, that number remains part of the boat. This makes it much easier to search online for the vessel, and can also allow you access to important details about the vessel that you would not otherwise have discovered.

Make Important Discoveries with A USCG Documentation Lookup1

Does What You Discover Matter?

If you find out more information about your boat, then you will have established that it has had documentation in the past. This allows you to reinstate its certificate of documentation by referring back to the original number. You can do this by demonstrating that you are a US citizen, and the boat is known to have been built in the US. As long as you can provide the Coast Guard with the relevant information when you asked for reinstatement, you should receive a new certification for your boat.

Let Us Help You Search

Boat owners are often busy commercial people, and don’t have the time to learn the skills involved with conducting a full USCG documentation lookup. However, if you add the information incorrectly, or have too many results from your search, you may not get the answer that you want. In order to handle your documentation search correctly, it makes sense to hire a private team like Vessel Documentation US. We can help you to find any information that you may need about your boat, so get in contact with us today by calling (866) 981-8783 now.