Is There a List of Documented Vessels in the U.S.?

List of Documented Vessels

As a potential new boat owner, you want to make sure you do your research before you get deeply involved with any transaction you make. Buying a ship that is brand new and coming directly from the manufacturer may not require too much from you regarding research. Are you thinking of purchasing a boat from a private seller or broker on the secondary market? Then you want to know more about just what you may be getting. You may have heard about time-consuming it is to deal with vessel documentation and the Coast Guard, which is why learning more about the list of documented vessels in the U.S. can help you get some of the background data that can be useful to you.

The Documented Vessels Database

There is a database that is maintained by the Coast Guard. It features all the vessels documented by the National Vessel Documentation Center. A division of the Coast Guard. The list is quite extensive, for it contains any vessel that has been documented. Whether the documentation is current or not.

This is advantageous to you, because you can then access the list and find out more about a ship that you may have interest in. You can learn about when or where the boat was manufactured. Or when it was documented, and if the documentation is active. Also, the identification numbers of the ship. You can then check the information you have found against what you already know about the boat to make sure it all matches.

List of Documented Vessels

Accessing the List of Vessels

Finding where you can access the list of documented vessels can take some work on your part. There is no direct link to the database in the Coast Guard’s websites. However, there are several sites online that offer the search function to the database so you can look up vessels. It can be either by their documentation number or by the name of the ship.

If you have the documentation number, searching is more exact. Since it will give just one result. There can be multiple results if you search only by name since boats can have names that are the same or similar to others.

Getting Your Vessel Documented

If you look at the list of documented vessels and find everything about the ship you like fits your wants and needs, proceed forward and get yourself the boat you have always wanted. Once the ship belongs to you, you will want to come to us at Vessel Documentation Online. Here you can go through the documentation process yourself. We offer all the forms you may need on our site. So you can fill out the form and file it electronically with us.

As a third-party agency, we will have experts look it over for accuracy. Then we will get it to the Coast Guard for you, so you have nothing to worry about. You will find that with our assistance, you can meet all your needs with the Coast Guard without any stress or difficulties with different forms.