The Importance of US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation

US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation

When you acquire a new ship, you can choose to register it with the US Coast Guard. For larger vessels, particularly those which you will be using in a commercial capacity, you may prefer to take out US coast guard vessel documentation. There are several factors involved in achieving documentation for your new boat, and in order to understand the importance of choosing documentation, you need to know exactly what the legal limit of this service is, and why you need it if you are operating a commercial vessel in US waters.

Requirements for Documentation

If you want to go beyond registration and document your vessel, then you need to meet the requirements for this process. You will need to be a citizen of the US, and have a boat which is longer than 25 feet. If you want a commercial endorsement, then the vessel will also need to have been built in the United States. Your vessel will have to comply with all of these requirements prior to documentation being given, so it is worth checking your status and the status of the boat before you apply for documentation, and we can assist you with this check.

US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation

What Documentation Means

After you have received documentation, you can sail your boat wherever you choose in US waters. Documentation will allow you to demonstrate to state regulators that the vessel is suitable for use, and is fully registered with the Coast Guard. You must also apply decals to the vessel which demonstrate that your boat complies with state requirements, so that the Coast Guard can easily check your status. You will also be able to use the US flag on your boat, and can use it with pride. This is a big incentive for some company directors to document their boat.

Documentation and State Tax

Even if you receive full US coast guard vessel documentation for your vessel, this does not mean that you will be exempt from taxation. Documented vessels are just as likely to be taxed, depending upon the state and the purpose of the commercial vessel. You will also need to comply with sales and property taxes, and any other documentation that the state requires. To make sure that you are properly documented, and get the best form for your vessel, call us now on (866) 981-8783, or email today.