How to Change a Title on a Boat

change a title on a vessel

As a boat owner, you will eventually need to change a title on a vessel. Having this manual will make what may be a complex procedure much more straightforward. We will show you how to officially register your new boat name. Keep reading, and we’ll guide you through the procedure.

Are you considering giving your ship a different name? Our recent blog article seeks to simplify the whole process since there is plenty to consider before getting started. Continue reading as we break down the steps required to alter your name legally.

Knowing what to anticipate may make a  seemingly impossible endeavor much more manageable. The waters here are challenging, but with our help, you can get through it. Following these suggestions, however, should make the procedure considerably less complicated.

Gather all of the Necessary Documents

In all likelihood, you’ve been saving enough to purchase a boat for quite some time. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about this since you were a kid, or perhaps you made the decision more recently after seeing the happiness found near the ocean. The yacht will come, but before you can take ownership, you’ll need to transfer the title into your name, which entails a few formalities.

Although it may seem difficult at first glance, the process is simple. Obtain the required paperwork, which is often provided free of charge by the present title holder (or maybe there will be a small fee). Proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale or survey findings, should be included with the original title certificate.

Pay Any Applicable Fees

The steps necessary to transfer ownership of a boat vary significantly from state to state, but there are also certain nationwide constants. To begin, you must settle any necessary costs. It depends on the nature of the transaction and the kind of license needed. Still, in most cases, you may expect to pay an application fee plus a cost proportional to the vessel’s gross tonnage or length (often expressed as a dollar amount per foot or fraction thereof).

All participants in the transaction must fill out documents verifying their identities. A typical step in this process is to record everyone’s names and addresses. It’s essential to have your Social Security number and date of birth ready in case the state requests them; if you don’t want this information made public, you can usually choose this option by writing “Personal Information Suppressed” in the appropriate space on the form.

Fill Out the Appropriate Paperwork to Change a Title on a Boat

When buying a sailboat, it’s crucial to remember that the boat won’t technically be yours until the sale is finalized. When purchasing a boat, you are receiving either a “documented vessel,” which means the former owner still owns the boat and registration, or an “undocumented vessel,” which is precisely what it sounds like.

An adequately documented boat will have a clear title still in the name of the former owner. If your buddy hasn’t done so, now is a good time for him to consider changing the title’s name, which requires filling out paperwork with Vessel Documentation Online LLC. Before he can sell it to you, he must get it titled in his name.

If it was insured when he purchased it, he must contact his insurance agent and ask them to change the policyholder’s name to his. If not, he’ll need to find a yacht insurer to cover him personally.

change a title on a vessel

Contact Your Insurance Company

Your state may require annual registration and titling if you keep your boat in the water. Even if your boat is on a trailer in your driveway, you may need to get a title in certain states. To sign up, you’ll need specifics about the boat, such as its length and serial number. You’ll also be asked for specific personal details.

Present a bill of sale as evidence that you are the rightful owner of the boat; this document should have the names and signatures of all parties involved, the year of purchase, and the total money paid for the vessel. If you want to establish how long you’ve owned a boat, you need to have the seller or their agent sign a bill of sale and include the boat’s odometer reading. A notarized declaration from the seller or yourself attesting to the length of time you’ve been the legal owner will do in its place.

If you have recently purchased a boat, you may wonder how to change a title on the boat. This can be done by contacting Vessel Documentation Online LLC by calling (877) 564-1398 for more information. They are here to help with all of your maritime needs.