Form CG 1258 Step by Step

Form CG  Step by Step

There are people who need each of our vessel documentation forms. While we put the most popular, most used forms in the middle of our home page; the truth is that all of our forms are used by different vessel owners at different times. That being said, perhaps the most popular form we have is form CG 1258. This form is the “Certificate of Documentation,” it’s often the first form that a vessel owner gets. In this blog, we’ll explain why this form is important. Then, we’ll walk you through it step by step. Use this blog as a resource should you have questions about the form as we go along. By that same token, if you still have questions about the form (or any others) don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why Form CG 1258

The benefits associated with documentation are admission to certain restricted trades, unhindered commerce between states and evidence of nationality should you take your vessel into international waters. On top of that, it can also open up the option of preferred mortgages as well. If you’re new to vessels, this kind of documentation may be new to you, but it really isn’t: it’s actually one of the US government’s oldest functions. The 11th Act of the very first congress established this documentation. Now, you can get it online. It’s another example of how technology can help improve that which already exists.

Form CG 1258 Step by Step

Starting the Form

The “note” at the top of the vessel couldn’t be bigger, and is in capital letters for a reason: you aren’t entitled to documentation or any number just from filing the form. That’s important to keep in mind. You can’t just send the form in and assume that you’re covered, you aren’t. You have to wait until the certificate is in your hand for it to count as documentation. That being said, we process these forms as quickly as we can. When you send it in to us, we put our document processors right on it. Once everything checks out, it’s sent along the United States Coast Guard. We tend to get it there faster than the mail, even allowing for the proofreading and corrections.

Names, Numbers and More

Then, as you go lower on the form, you’ll notice that you have to put in the Vessel’s Name. Even if you don’t want to have to think of a name, you should. This is the name the vessel will have for legal reasons. If you’re like most vessel owners, you’ve had some kind of vessel name that you’ve wanted to use for years and years. Now is your opportunity to put it down. That being said, don’t get too creative with the symbols and art: only Numeric and Alpha characters can appear in the name. So, save any hand drawn logo or something for a flag or maybe a sail.

Protecting Your Confidential Info

As you progress through the form, you’ll find the part where it asks for the email, telephone number and social security (or Tax ID) number of the managing owner. We work very hard so that you can fill this information in with confidence. Here at Vessel Documentation, we keep your data safe. The only way we can offer a service that makes sending in your information work is by having the toughest security in the business. While our security has always been strong, we’re continually looking for ways to make it even stronger. The moment you think “our security is strong enough” is the moment you’re hit by an attack. By continually raising the bar on our security, we make for a safer environment for all of our customers.

We’re always glad to take phone calls or messages from our customers. That’s why our service exists: to make the vessel documentation process easier. A major way we can do that is to answer your questions about the “legalese” and technical language of vessel documentation. One place where we receive many questions is at the very end of 1258. There’s a question that starts with: “’primary service and horsepower: select only one service for which the vessel will be primarily used and insert horsepower.” That’s a stumbling block for many of our owners. The one thing we usually say is: “give it your best guess.” Obviously, there are very big differences between “recreational” and “fish processing vessel,’ but there can be gray areas between “school ship” and “passenger (6 or fewer)” for example. We always  

As ever, should you have any questions about this or any of our other forms, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here to make your vessel documentation a smooth one. As this blog explains 1258, you can file for renewal and more by calling us at (866) 981-8783 or going to our site.