Finding Out What You Need to Know Before Buying US Documented Vessels

US Documented Vessels

Are you in the process of researching your next vessel and want an information source you can trust? Does it feel like everything you read online is something that you just can’t trust? You cannot be too careful when it comes to your money, your vessels, and your time. Here at Vessel Documentation Online, we can help. If you’re researching US documented vessels for your next purchase, we have the forms you need to be fully informed of before making a purchasing decision. 

The Abstract of Title for US Documented Vessels 

Simply put, this form will give you what you need to know. You’ll know when the vessel was manufactured. You’ll know where it was manufactured. Additionally, you’ll know if there were any liens and mortgages against the vessel. Plus, you’ll know if there are any active liens and mortgages against the vessel. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll get all of this information and more from a truly unimpeachable source – the USCG. That way, you can trust what you’re reading. 

The Importance of the Abstract of Title 

With it, you don’t have to make a potentially life-altering vessel purchasing decision based on what the owner told you, or what you were able to find out online. To use a hypothetical situation, imagine the vessel’s owner told you that the vessel was four years old and it’s all paid off. That sounds great, but you get the Abstract of Title anyway. The Abstract of Title tells you that, no, the vessel is actually six years old, and there’s still an outstanding lien. That will let you know everything you need to know about the vessel owner. Instead of rushing into a purchase without all of the folks, thus possibly making a decision you’ll regret, you can know all of the information. 

If the Vessel You’re Researching is Overseas

The Abstract of Title can be very useful, but it’s only for vessels in the United States. If your vessel is outside of the US, we have a form for that as well. The “Foreign Vessel Title Search Request/Transcript of Registry” form can help you to find out more or less the same information that the Abstract of Title would about vessels overseas. Should the vessel you have your eye on be in the Caymans, Bermuda, Canada, the UK, the British Virgin Islands, and elsewhere, this form could be very helpful. 

Once You’ve Purchased the Vessel of Your Dreams 

In a majority of cases, when someone gets the Abstract of Title, it matches up with what vessel owners tell them. After you purchased the vessel you had your eye on, you can find all of the forms you need right here at our site for the course of owning that vessel. Here, you can get it documented, you can renew that documentation, you can file for a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage, you can even transfer the vessel to someone else when it’s time, too. For more: (866) 981-8783.