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boat documentation services

Owning a vessel is a lot of fun, but it also comes with its responsibilities. You need to make sure that your registration, for example, is always updated. If you need to make any changes to your boating registration, know you can always rely on our boat documentation services to get it done.

Boat Documentation Services

Remember when you were young and you got your first car? You probably gave it a name that became an inside joke between you and your friends. Well, your vessel’s name is more than just the name by which you refer to it. In fact, there’s a reason why you have to write it in big letters on the hull of your vessel. The vessel’s name is tied to its registration in the Coast Guard registry, after all, so you can’t just change it whenever you want without updating its official registration. If you are changing the name of the vessel, all you need to do is apply for a change of vessel name. The form to do so is readily available on our sidebar for you to fill it out.

Update Your Address

When you move, you usually have a few things you need to go through to make sure your life moves with you. Changing your billing address, relocating your utility accounts, and, yes, updating the address to which your vessel is registered. Your vessel will rarely be with you at your home address unless you live right by the port, but its registration will be tied to your address simply because you are the owner. This means that part of moving will be to make sure the address on your vessel registration remains updated. Our boat documentation services can help you with that. You can find the change of address form on our sidebar. Just fill it out, submit it, and your registration will be updated.

Change the Hailing Port

As you probably know, a hailing port is, well, the port from which a vessel hails. Every vessel has a main port where they are docked, a homeport in which the owner of the vessel lives, or that which is nearest to their place of residence. This dock’s name needs to be painted on the stern of all documented vessels by law, just like the vessel’s name itself. Maybe you are moving the vessel to a different dock or maybe you’re moving to a different region altogether. Either way, if you need to change your vessel’s hailing port, then all you need to do is fill out the form we have here on our website. You’ll notice that this is the same form as the one used to change the name of the vessel. So, if you are only changing one of them, keep that in mind during the filing.

All Boat Documentation Services in One Site

Whether you need to change or update your registration or get a new one altogether, you can get all boat documentation services done here on our website. All applications are available on our menu above and, if you have trouble, give us a call at 1-866-981-8783 or email us at We’ll be in touch with you in no time.