Boat Documentation, Safety, Fall, and You

Boat Documentation

As of this writing, it’s August. Yes, that means that in many places, summer is still in full swing. The days are warm, the sun high in the sky, and it may seem like summer lasts forever. However, one look at the foliage will tell you that’s not the case. Autumn is almost here, and it’s getting closer all the time. That means back to school, cooler temperatures, and more. Fall can be one of the best times to go boating, but there are certain safety tips that you want to follow for the best possible experiences. In addition to boat documentation, we’re always looking for our customers to have a safer, better experience on the water.

Turn on the Lights

You probably already have lights on your boat. You certainly should, no matter what time of year it is. If you’re boating in the fall, the lights can become more important, as the sunlight fades sooner and sooner. The last thing any vessel owner wants is to be out on the water and discover that their lights aren’t in good, working order once the sun quickly fades. By checking your lights and making sure they’re in their best shape (regardless of how much or how little you’ve used them this summer) you’ll be ready for a great time in the autumnal sun.

Boat Documentation

Dress for the Season

Summer means swimsuits and exposed skin. Sure, there are still plenty of warm days during the fall, too, but if you’re going to be out on the water, you may want to have some heavier clothes, too. We’re not saying that you have to wear a parka every time you go out skiing or anything like that, but you never know when the temperature is going to precipitously drop while you’re out on the water. Many vessel owners have warm clothing on their boat, underneath a seat or something like that, should they need to get it during a moment’s notice. Having rain gear isn’t a bad idea either, as you can never be exactly sure what the autumn skies will do.

Check Your Vessel on Land

For many of us that boat during the summer, we may not check to make sure that everything is in as good of working order as we perhaps should. That doesn’t mean that we never check, but it might mean that we cut some corners. After all, if your boat stalls out or something during the summer, it might not be that big a deal as there are probably several people around on boats who could give you a tow or provide other help. In the fall, however, there might be fewer vessels, so you could be stuck. Doing a comprehensive check of your vessel’s condition before you go out on the water is highly recommended.

Protect your Boat with Boat Documentation

Just as you’d check your vessel’s engine or if it has life jackets, you want to make sure it has the right vessel documentation, too. For help with that, give us a call at (866) 981-8783.