An NVDC to Make it Easier Than Ever to Stay in Compliance


Does it seem like it’s more challenging to complete your vessel documentation than it should be?  When you sit down to complete your forms, do you try to find someone who can help? That’s what our NVDC is designed to do. Throughout your journey of vessel ownership, it is crucial to maintain compliance with the authorities, ensuring that you can navigate the waters freely and in accordance with your preferences. At the National Documentation Portal, we make it easier than ever to find and complete the forms that are right for you and your vessel. 

Obtaining Your Vessel Documentation for the First Time

Have you recently acquired a new vessel? If your vessel has just been completed, one of your initial priorities can be obtaining its first documentation, if you so choose. While some vessels require documentation, if your vessel measures five net tons or more and is owned by an American citizen, you can document it. If this marks your vessel’s inaugural documentation, you can initiate the process using the “Initial” option on our website. Simply complete the required sections, click a few buttons, and your documentation will be swiftly underway. 

When It’s Time for Documentation Renewal

Vessel documentation is a crucial aspect of ownership, but it does not endure indefinitely. Completing the initial documentation process does not mean your documentation will remain valid forever. Instead, it must be renewed annually, a process conveniently facilitated through the “Renewal” section on our website. This is the most common use of our website, so we’ve placed it up and to the left, first form you see, on our homepage for easy access.

Escape the Hassle of Annual Renewal

While annual renewal is a necessity, choosing the National Documentation Portal allows you to escape the burden of renewing your documentation every single year. At our site, you have the option of renewing your documentation for up to five years in advance. Imagine the relief of not having to concern yourself with documentation for the next half decade—and all it takes is the press of a button.

Help With Expired Documentation, Too 

In the unfortunate event that your renewal deadline has passed, we can help. Our solution: documentation reinstatement. This can be easily initiated through our website. Simply select the “Reinstatement” option and follow the straightforward process. We view this as yet another way to expedite your return to the water, minimizing any disruptions to your boating activities.

You can also get a Certified Copy of your Certificate of Documentation through our site as well. Remember: if your Certificate is lost or mutilated, you aren’t in compliance.


Changes in Life, Changes in Documentation

Life, like boats on the water, is perpetually in motion. If you have recently relocated, it’s advisable to complete the “Change of Address” form. Similarly, if you’ve decided to alter your vessel’s name or its port of origin, we have the requisite forms to facilitate these changes as well. When it comes to documentation, rest assured that we have you fully covered. To see how we can help, check out our site.