A Guide on Vessel Documentation Reinstatement

Vessel Documentation Reinstatement

After 30 days of expiration, you must apply for vessel documentation reinstatement. Bear in mind that reinstatement does not entitle a vessel to documentation. Only the current Certificate of Documentation is valid for operating a vessel.

If you are looking forward to operating a ship, you must keep your documentation valid and up to date. Carrying the expired United States Coast Guard Certificate of Documentation on your vessel may imply fines and additional fees in case you didn’t apply for renewal on time. You won’t be able to operate a ship until you catch up with the right documentation.

Vessel Documentation Reinstatement

Procedure for Reinstatement

To apply for vessel documentation reinstatement, you must complete a specific form for it. You have to provide the vessel’s name, Official Number awarded by the Coast Guard, Hull Identification Number, International Maritime Organization Number, and hailing ports including the state.

Personal information is required as well. You must provide the name of the managing owner, email, phone number, social security (or tax ID) number, physical address of the managing owner, and mailing address in case it differs from the physical one.

Inform the purpose of the application. Make sure you check the box that says REINSTATEMENT OF CERTIFICATE OF DOCUMENTATION FOLLOWING FAILURE TO RENEW. Specify the endorsements for the application, along with the vessel’s primary service and horsepower.

The vessel documentation reinstatement form can be found on our website. Just click on the REINSTATEMENT option on the left side of the main page and you will access it directly.

Reinstate Your Ship Easily

There might be many reasons why you failed to renew the United States Coast Guard Certificate of Documentation on time. Sometimes you just can’t deal with everything simultaneously, or maybe you are dealing with something more important than your boat’s paperwork. If documentation expires and you need to apply for vessel documentation reinstatement, we can help you out.

Our Vessel Documentation service provides you with all kinds of forms and applications to keep your ship’s documentation up to date. The friendly and interactive design lets you navigate easily. It works excellent on desktop computers and cellphones as well. Don’t get overwhelmed searching for applications on the internet. We provide everything you need.

The application process is pretty simple: you complete the online forms, submit your docs and fees and you’re done! We will submit your documentation to the proper authorities. We will keep you updated as to their current wait list times. Our website is SSL encrypted so we can protect any sensitive data like credit card numbers or physical addresses.