What to Know to Change the Name of Your Boat

Change the Name of Your Boat

Are you tired of your vessel’s name? Do you feel like it’s time to change the name of your boat? Maybe you purchased a boat that came with a name, or perhaps it’s just time to make your boat name something different. The good news is that you can Change the Name of Your Boat whenever you would like. We have the forms to do that and so much more right here at the National Documentation Portal. 

The Myriad Possibilities of Vessel Names

The possibilities are as vast as the open sea. Popular choices often draw inspiration from the elements and sensations associated with the water, such as waves, the sea itself, wind, sun, or balmy weather. Alternatively, you can explore names rooted in mythology, bestowing your vessel with the grandeur of Odysseus, the power of Poseidon, the grace of Pegasus, or the beauty of Adonis, among countless others. A beloved family member, an oceanic legend, or anything else – make your boat name something you like. 

Your Boat Name Will Be Associated With Your Name 

It’s crucial to remember that your vessel’s name will not go unnoticed. Be prepared for curious inquiries and conversations that revolve around it. Consider whether your chosen name is something you’ll proudly discuss for as long as your vessel accompanies you on your maritime escapades. Naming your boat after a fleeting encounter or bestowing it with an enigmatic moniker might seem amusing initially, but after years of explaining the obscure origins of “Bud Lightning,” you might yearn for a more universally comprehensible choice.

The Ground Rules of Boat Names

Your boat’s name may be the first impression someone has of you. So, you want to make it a good one. It can be anything that you’d like, but it can’t be anything that is (or even sounds like) something used to solicit assistance at sea. Your boat’s name also can’t be anything obscene or racist, whether in name or pronunciation. When in doubt, use your common sense. 

“Change of Vessel Name or Hailing Port” 

That’s the form at our site to change your vessel’s name. Something else to keep in mind: your “hailing port” doesn’t have to be the port that your vessel is at the most (although it very well can be). It just has to be a port in the United States.

Change the Name of Your Boat

Your Boat Should Have the Name You Want 

In just a few minutes, you can apply to change the name of your vessel at our site. Rarely is that the only service that someone uses at our site. Indeed, you can renew your documentation here, apply for a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage, and other forms. If you want to learn more about a vessel, you can conduct a documentation search or, if you want to know about a vessel’s owner, you can apply for an Abstract of Title. As you navigate the waters with your cherished vessel, may fair winds and following seas always be at your side.