What Does Hailing Mean? In Hailing Ports and More

What Does Hailing Mean

Do you ever hear someone use the word “hailing” in terms of vessels and you aren’t entirely sure what they’re referring to? Have you ever wondered exactly “what does hailing mean?” When referring to maritime activities, “hailing” can have multiple definitions. As a vessel documentation company, we utilize it often in the context of a “hailing port.” However, there are other meanings as well. We explore that and more below. 

So, What Does Hailing Mean? 

In the context of operating a vessel, “hailing” refers to the act of making initial contact or calling another vessel or shore station using a communication system, such as a radio or a loudspeaker. It is a way for vessels to establish communication and exchange information, such as identifying themselves, requesting permission, or conveying important messages.

What is a Hailing Port? 

A “hailing port” is the port or city to which a vessel is registered or documented. It is typically displayed on the stern of the vessel and is used as a means of identification. The hailing port does not necessarily have to be the vessel’s homeport or the location where it is physically based. It is primarily used for administrative and identification purposes. The hailing port is displayed on the vessel’s documentation paperwork, as well as on the vessel itself. It is usually shown on the vessel’s stern, along with the vessel’s name and registration number. The hailing port serves as a way to identify the vessel and its documentation status.

How Does a Hailing Port Figure Into Vessel Documentation? 

In the context of United States Coast Guard (USCG) documentation, a hailing port is an important element of vessel documentation. When a vessel is registered with the USCG, the owner selects a hailing port for the vessel. The hailing port chosen does not need to be the actual physical port where the vessel is located, but it is typically a port that holds some significance to the owner, such as their homeport or a port they frequently visit.

Change of Name and Hailing Port

At our vessel documentation site, we aim to make the documentation process easier on vessel owners from all walks of life, in all scenarios. We understand that, just like on the water, sometimes your life changes course. When it does, we make it simpler to keep in compliance with the powers that be. Case in point: changing your hailing port. Maybe you’ve moved, perhaps you’ve gone to a new location, or something else – as such, you can change your vessel’s name and/or hailing port right here. 

What Does Hailing Mean

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Remember: you don’t have to change your vessel’s name when you change the hailing port. You can do one or either. When it comes to acquiring your documentation or updating it, we can help in a variety of ways at our vessel documentation site. In fact, that’s true for all of your vessel’s documentation, from the initial research through first documenting it, maintaining that documentation, and so much more.