U.S. Coast Guard Documentation You May Need

U S Coast Guard Documentation

Buying a yacht or another large marine vessel for the first time might seem exciting.  However, the whole process can be quite tricky. There are several U.S. Coast Guard Documentation you may need in order to achieve your goal.

The whole process can be tricky for most of us. There are many different types of U.S. Coast Guard documentation for this matter. You’ll want to file the correct papers in order to comply with the law and avoid any trouble with the U.S. Coast Guard. The Vessel Documentation Online, LLC can help you with the whole documentation process. Thus, you avoid any headaches and get you sailing faster.

U.S. Coast Guard Documentation

The documentation you need for your vessel

You need to know there are several rules and regulations to follow depending on the type of vessel you’re buying.  A yacht or any other pleasure vessel that is over 5 tons and over 26 feet in length needs to be documented with the federal government through the U.S. Coast Guard.  In case you don’t want to document your vessel with the U.S. Coast Guard, you can just do state registration.

If you buy a commercial vessel that is over 5 tons, there is a special legal requirement for you. You need to get the proper documentation from the federal government and the U.S. Coast Guard. In order to do this, you need to navigate through the U.S. Coast Guard’s website. And here’s where the problems usually start.

The website can be pretty confusing. There is a ton of information, forms and links to follow. There’s also a lot of information to track down and provide on your own end.  For most users, the whole process can be a complete nightmare that delays the documentation by weeks or even months. The processing fees must be resubmitted as well. For this reason, it’s in your best interest to get help from Vessel Documentation Online, LLC

U.S. Coast Guard Documentation

Vessel Documentation Online, LLC can ease the process

If you want to reduce the stress of dealing with the U.S. Coast Guard documentation process, you can count on us.  Vessel Documentation Online, LLC is a third-party agency that handles USCG Documentation processing for NVDC. We will make sure all your paperwork is squared away.

You can call us at 1-866-981-8783 to get more information about the U.S. Coast Guard Documentation you may need. Also please send us an email to submissions@nvdcrenewal.us with any questions or concerns you may have.